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February 1.1913-China to participate in the inaugural Far East Games

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February 1, 1913 (, Yam Tze In the twelfth lunar month 26), China to participate in the inaugural Far East Games. February 1, 2011, (lssdjt.cn)

1913, China participated in the first session of the Far East Games held in Manila, Philippines. This is the Chinese for the first time to participate in large-scale international competitions. 120 yards high hurdles and high jump champion
Games Weihuan Zhang was, the results were 18 seconds, 5 feet, 5 3/8 inches; Chen Yan was the long jump champion, the score is 19 feet 11 5/8 inches; Pan Wenbing was 10 Sports Champions, the score is 771 points. Football was the runner-up.
Far East Games is the predecessor of the Asian Games.

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