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October 21.1998-Nevada agreed reimbursement Tyson boxing license

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October 21, 1998 (two days) September Tiger years, Nevada agreed to the return of Tyson boxing license. 15 months ago as

Nevada agreed reimbursement Tyson boxing license
Nevada agreed reimbursement Tyson boxing license
Nevada agreed reimbursement Tyson boxing license
Nevada agreed reimbursement Tyson boxing license
Nevada agreed reimbursement Tyson boxing license
Tyson and his lawyer, James hugged
1998 10 21 Tyson regain in a Boxing warfare, biting Holyfield ear boxing license revoked.
Tyson Nevada Sports Committee, said, he has endured the pain long enough, he needs to participate in a boxing match to earn a living. (History. Of cn)
Nevada sports Committee main Xijianimu, Tyson made a lot of mistakes, but still worth to give him another chance. Committee 4 votes in favor, one vote against the poll results, agreed to issue not Tyson's boxing executive (l $ jτ.cń) the only vote against the members James - Neff.
Ghanim said: "I think I need to warn you, this will be your last chance. Or follow our regulations, or may no longer participate in the Nevada boxing match. "
In Nevada Sports Committee announced its decision, Tyson supporters have stepped forward to hug him and pat him on the back to show congratulations. At this time Tyson moved to tears. He said: "I'm just happy. I have not decided what time to participate in the competition. I do not know whether it is ready for the game. I have a lot of things need to be addressed. "
NBA star Magic Johnson is a supporter of Mike Tyson. He made Nevada Sports Committee held hearings card. He said: "Do not expect that he will contest with the current world champion. He has been quiet for a long time, we need to slowly he entered the state. "
Before Muhammad Ali with Johnson to attend the hearing and made a card. He told the Commission, Tyson Despite these and other problems. But still he should be allowed to race again. Ali said in a statement read out by his wife, no punishment more severe than deprivation to make a living, deriving their just powers.
In Neff controversy, Tyson said: "Sir, please do not torture me. I made a mistake, while the other boxer committed more errors. I just want to survive. "
Tyson said, his behavior biting Holyfield's ears, should blame only himself. But he again stressed that this is his response he made intentionally hit in the head Holyfield. He also denied that he hit two people in a car accident in August of this year. The latter has to prosecute members of Tyson
Tyson when asked about his self-control, said: "I will not kill. I am not a butcher. His wife Monica told the Committee that she never saw her husband after the accident played people.
for Tyson physician examining a guarantee to the officials of the Education Committee and Tyson in boxing market is unlikely to again run wild. They came to this conclusion in a report released last week. Tyson one of five doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital physical examination Ronald Sports Commission officials said today, Tyson lack of self-esteem is often attack ", but after a week of treatment, this condition can be improved.
their licenses revoked, he said, so Tyson uneasy, in the future he is likely to not do it again endanger boxing license error. He said: "The impact of their licenses revoked Tyson make him despair. He wanted to regain his job, he will not re-foolish. "
Thomas doctor said, allows Tyson to return to the track of his disease" therapeutic effect ". At this point, Ghanim chipped, Tyson said, do not think we are trying to find fault with him.
Tyson replied: "Please forgive me so suspicious. I love everyone. "His words provoke laughter from observers. Dressed in black clothes (L $ djτ.cōm)
Tyson sat in front of the Sports Commission officials put a witness before a table, accompanied by his wife at his side. The testimony of the doctors, he stared intently at them occasionally turned their heads to his side, whispering a few words when the doctor's wife.
Tyson's advisers have contributed to this hearing will be held as soon as possible, because they want to Tyson can play a game before the end of the year. The game may be arranged in the December 5.
after his release in 1995, Tyson has earned more than one hundred million U.S. dollars, but his current $ 13 million debt. However, Tyson comeback in the future is also facing some difficulties. He is still serving probation rape. In addition, if the attack perpetrated in a car accident, he was sentenced for the guilty, he may go to jail again. after the
former basketball star - "Magic" Johnson, Tyson testified
regain boxing license, Tyson to do his wife a grimace
Muhammad Ali to Thai Sen said that congratulations
Tyson and his wife in court

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