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October 17.1948-The movie "三毛流浪记" shooting

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October 17, 1948 (September 15, Lunar New Year), movie "三毛流浪记" shooting. posters the

The movie "三毛流浪记" shooting
"三毛流浪记" shoot "target =" _blank "> 三毛流浪记 the
1948 years 10, 17, Shanghai Kunlun Pictures began shooting the children's film" San Mao stray in mind. "Videos Yang Hansheng authored by cartoonist Zhang Leping Continuity Comics adaptation of" San Mao "by Zhao Ming, Yan Christine director, Han Zhongliang photography. 三毛流浪记" all the experiences through the San Mao, pointedly mocking and satirical social darkness, reproduce the unfortunate fate of the majority of urban street children film with a satirical comedy approach, Sanmao play by Wang Longji.

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  • 游客--2023-09-13 13:37:51:该电影是1949年4月1日开拍的。
  • 游客--2023-09-13 13:37:40:该电影是1949年4月1日开拍的。
  • 270522342@qqcom--2023-09-12 11:40:51:历史上到今天时间写错了,电影《三毛流浪记》开拍正