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October 17.1967-Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death

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October 17, 1967 September 14 (DingWei years), the death of the Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi. Puyi mother

Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death
Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death
Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death
Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death
Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death
Qing Dynasty, the last emperor Pu Yi's death
costumes guar Jiashi
last emperor of the Qing Dynasty - the Xuantong emperor Aixinjueluo Puyi, the last emperor of China's feudal dynasties. [TodayinHistory.cn]
Pu Yi was born in 1906, is the nephew of Emperor Guangxu, the son of Prince Zai Feng. In November 1908, Emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi has died within a day apart. Pu Yi inherited the throne under 3 years of age, the following year changed the reign Xuantong "Regent Zai Feng by its parent. October 1911, after the outbreak of the Wuchang Uprising, the provinces have responded revolutionary waves sweeping the country. February 12, 1912, the Qing government was forced to announce Puyi abdicated, ruled China for more than 260 years of the Qing Dynasty was overthrown, since the end of more than 2,000 years of feudal despotism.
After the Revolution, the usurping of power from the Northern warlord chieftain Yuan Shikai. Qing royal family prepared according to Yuan Shikai privileges Ordinance, Pu Yi abdicated emperor "appellation still the same," pending foreign kings ritual treatment "and" temporarily Gong Jin " thus Puyi abdicated after the Forbidden City in addition to the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Harmony assigned to people abroad, the rest retained by the Qing imperial family all. Pu Yi abdicated obsession restoration, July 1, 1917, he was embraced by Zhang Xun et al, announced the restoration. People across the country in a crusade against the sound, the restoration of the failed July 12, Pu Yi had abdicated again. Accept the revolutionary impact of an immediate general Feng Yuxiang launched the Beijing coup in 1924, occupied Beijing. November 5 to take drastic measures to abolish the title of Emperor Pu Yi, ordering "the same day out of the Gong Jin. In the second year, Puyi sneak into Tianjin, continue to engage in restoration activities. "9.18" Incident in 1931, Pu Yi, the secret of the Japanese invaders mostly from down the northeast, in the Japan imperialism director, March of the following year, when the so-called ruling on the puppet state of Manchukuo in 1934, in March and renamed the emperor, under the aegis of the Japanese imperialists puppet. Japan surrendered in 1945, he fled to Japan en route captured by the Soviet Army on August 17, was handed over to the Government of the People's Republic of China in August 1950. December 4, 1959, the Supreme People's Court to release him under the amnesty. As Puyi's stance and attitude towards life changes, (lsjt.org) by the emperor, he is transformed into citizens of the People's Republic of China, the party and the people's trust. In 1964, he served as the Fourth CPPCC National Committee, CPPCC Literature and History Research Committee Commissioner, with "Half my life. Long feudal society, there are a lot of the last emperor of the regime change constantly. Those last emperor were either killed or committed suicide, to decline a good end. Only Puyi exception to citizenship happily spent a wonderful time in his later years. Under the care of the party and the government, he and Miss Li Shuxian married on April 30, 1962, to establish a new happy family. A foreign guests asked him: "Do not you think that the past when the emperor pride you?" He replied: "The Emperor, this is my opinion, the most shameful title of proud that I became a Chinese citizens. (Lssdjt.com) "
However, a new life has just begun shortly evil disease - Kidney Cancer sneaked into his body, so he passed away in the early morning of October 17, 1967, year-round 60-year-old. (History cn)
In 1908, the Manchu emperor Pu Yi (the little boy standing 11-year-old Pu Yi)
pseudo-"Manchukuo Emperor Puyi the brother of Pujie and the two younger sister of
the to in 1924, Pu Yi in Tianjin Zhang Yuan and his younger brothers and sisters. the amnesty before
1959, Puyi, Pujie in the Fushun War Criminal Administrative reform through labor. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ)

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