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October 21.1895-Tainan fall of imminent Liu Yongfu within crossing the continent

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October 21, 1895 (fourth day) September Yi Wei, Tainan fall of imminent Liu Yongfu within crossing the continent.

1895 10 21, Tainan the fall soon, Liu Yongfu multiply the British-wheel crossing the continent.
Liu Yongfu (1837-1917), the word deep booths. Guangdong Qinzhou (Guangxi) people this is a. Earlier life Guangxi heaven and earth will uprising. After the failure of the Taiping Revolution, Guangxi, Yunnan border organization Black Flag, not the Qing court moderation. In 1873, the French army invaded Hanoi and other places the (history TodayOnHistory.com) should the Vietnamese government invited to lead the troops against France killed the security of Ye, J whole army. The following year was Yuewang canonizing three declared vice admirals. After war record with the French army, had to kill method Liwei Li, Yue King crowned the first-class men. Sino-French War, the Qing government incorporated the fighting, repeated military exploits. After the war, Black Flag Army retrenched to more than a thousand people, chairman of Guangdong Nanao town taking part. Sino-Japanese War in 1894, the deputy defense of Taiwan and moved to Tainan still No. Black Flag. , Pushed for the anti-Japanese the Taiwan soldiers and civilians to fight the invasion of the Japanese leader. His troops Black Flag Army in Miaoli, Changhua and Chiayi joint volunteer army heroically against the enemy. In October, in Tainan, the fight against the Japanese army, helpless returned Guangdong. 1902 Department Guangdong jieshi Town Chief. Independent of Guangdong in November 1911, pushed for the total length of the militia in Guangdong immediately resignation of repatriation.

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