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October 21.1990-Visit North Korea, South Korea Reverend Mun Ik Hwan released

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On the fourth day of September (Gengwu years), October 21, 1990, Rev. Mun Ik-hwan of South Korea to visit North Korea released.

1990 10 21, the South Korean authorities announced on December 21 that the release of the release of Seoul authorities imprisonment due to visit the North South Korea Reverend Mun Ik Hwan "target =" _blank "> Wen Yi Hwan. (TodayinHistory.cn) after In April,
1989 Rev. Mun Ik-hwan's visit to Pyongyang to return to Seoul, that is, the authorities violated the National Security Law "grounds to arrest, and sentenced to seven years in prison. held recently in Seoul North Korea the first high-level talks of the North and the South, the north of the delegation of the Government Administration Council and Prime Minister Yon, the release of the Rev. Mun Ik-hwan's visit to the North and other people, is one of the three most pressing issues in the current North-South relations, South & ldquo ; interference in internal affairs "as an excuse to refuse. Observers here noted that the South Korean authorities during the second North-South high-level talks, the North delegation spokesman An Bingzhu clear that these three problems are not resolved, will surely jeopardize the high-level talks. this move might have a good impact on the future of North-South high-level talks. the 21 published
"Rodong Sinmun" in a signed commentary pointed out, "the South Korean authorities to release the Rev. Mun Ik Hwan, even though a little late, but still is a good thing. sake of national unity and reunification, "comments also requested the South Korean authorities did not hesitate to release Linxiu Qing et al.

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