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October 19.1936-Lu Xun died in Shanghai

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On the fifth day of September (Rat), October 19, 1936 in Shanghai, Lu Xun died. died in Shanghai

Lu Xun died in Shanghai
Lu Xun "target =" _blank "> Lu Xun's far-reaching influence on Chinese people, (lssdjt.cn) immeasurable
1936 10 19, morning 5:25, consistent vehemence, the most militant writer, lung disease treatment failed, died in Shanghai mainland Village apartment on the 9th.
10, the remains sent to the nations the funeral home. funeral home's condolence hall corridor are covered with the elegiac couplet, until the open space outside the hall, to pull a rope covered with white harness hanging scroll. workers, students, hawkers, newsboy, rickshaw pullers, scholars have come to offer condolences, condolence in public in three days visited the mortal remains of the people go, an endless stream of nearly ten thousand people.
21 at 3:00 pm, the funeral home was held at the Palais undertakers 22 pm before the funeral. funeral from the funeral home in front of the IWC, Jiaozhou Road, extremely Secretary Rafael Road, Mega Road, has long stood in long lines. funeral procession from the funeral committee Song Qingling, Cai Yuanpei, Shen Junru and Ba Jin, Xiao Jun several writers Fujiu on the hearse. (TodayinHistory.cn) Young Artists giant Lu Xun carrying Szeto Joe painting portrait, as the funeral procession of leading the team cross the heavy pace forward, along the way there are many masses to join the ranks of the funeral procession is getting longer and longer.
the Cai Yuanpei presided over the funeral cemetery held at the Palais, Soong Ching Ling, Zou Tao-fen, Zhang Naiqi, Tian Jun, Uchiyama Kanzo and other spoken Hu Yuzhi mast words. dirge sound by Soong Ching Ling, Shen Jun NORTH PEAK side of white silk embroidered "national soul" flag covering the coffin on the crowd in the twilight of silence, to bid farewell to the stubborn rider and soldiers, the coffin slowly decline, placed in the tomb. crowd sang Lu Ji Xian Xinghai temporary write a "rest in peace song:" May you rest in peace, rest in peace! may you rest in peace, rest, rest in peace in the land ...
Lu Xun, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, formerly known as Zhou Shuren. 1902 study in Japan, beginner Medical 1906 released "cultural bias to 'papers, attacked Kang, beam reformists, and return home in August 1909 and has taught in Hangzhou, Shaoxing and other places after the Revolution of 1911, the former interim government of Nanjing and Beijing government Ministry of Education member Resentment things rank and taught at Peking University, Women's Normal School in January 1918, to participate in the "New Youth" editorial in May of the same year, the first time the pen name of Lu Xun, published her first vernacular novel "Lu Xun published The novel "Diary of a Madman" target = "_blank"> Diary of a Madman. Since then, "The True Story of Ah Q" and other novels have been published, the publication of "The Scream" and "Hot Air" album, a significant impact in the New Culture Movement. In August 1926, due to the support of the student movement, the Northern government persecution the, (lsjt.net) south to Xiamen University. Want to switch to a professor of Zhongshan University in Guangzhou in January 1927. Chiang Kai-shek launched April 12 coup, angrily resigned. Moved to Shanghai in October of the same year, after the creation of a large number of essays and other literary works, a profound analysis of the various social problems. After 1930, participation initiated the establishment of the Grand Alliance of the freedom movement, Left-Wing Writers Union and civil rights protection alliance of progressive organizations. Leftist Association dissolved in 1936, and actively participated in the literary and cultural circles of the anti-Japanese national united front. During his lifetime writings, and Translations very lucrative.
in the month before death, Lu Xun on September 5, in the article entitled "dead" death to his wife Lu Xun his wife Xu Guangping "target =" _blank "> Xu Guangping writing as follows wills in: < br> (1) shall not funeral accepting anyone a penny - but an old friend, not in this case.
(2) quickly gathered, buried, or leave it.
(3) Do not forget me for any commemoration of thing. ($ djτ.cōm),
(4), to control their own life - Excluding, it is really a slob children grow
(5) Where to, can find a little something for a living must not do the the short writers or artists.
(6) others promise to give you the things that can not be taken seriously. (of 1 $ djτ.cōm)
Shanghai workers, students and people from all walks of life, more than 5,000 people; (7) loss of the eye of someone else's teeth, oppose retaliation favor of tolerance must never close and he
burial Lu Xun automatically Lu Xun send Ling Lu Xun huge portrait for Mrs. Stuart Joe dwarfed
, Lu Xun Xu Guangping (right), son Zhou Haiying (right), Soong Ching Ling (right), Japanese friends Uchiyama Kanzo Lu Xun's tomb < ; br>
Lu Xun family
memary woodcut
Lu Xun mortal remains

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