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October 21.1944-Stilwell dismissal recall

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(Jiashen September fifth day), October 21, 1944, Stilwell was removed from office by the recall of the United States.

1944 10, 21, chief of staff of the theater, in British Burma (history TodayOnHistory.com) Stilwell, commander of U.S. forces died of stomach cancer "target =" _blank "> Stilwell is recall the country. shortly after the occurrence of the
Pearl Harbor, the United States proposed the organization of the Chinese Theater, January 1942 to send Stilwell served as Chief of Staff of the Chinese Theater in Stilwell China (history www.TodayOnHistory com) to defeat the Japanese primary purpose of advocating the KMT government and army must be reformed to achieve the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, assistance to the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army. Chiang Kai-shek put with the struggle of the Communist Party on the Emirates bit passive resistance, save strength, surrounded by heavily blocking the border area, and actively preparing for civil war., (history TodayOnHistory.com) constitute the basic reason Stilwell and Chiang Kai-shek contradictory. March 1942, the Burma Campaign fiasco, Stilwell and Chiang Kai-shek contradictions began to intensify Chiang Kai-shek in the war against Japan. eyes on aid to China distribution of supplies and the KMT-CPC cooperation with Stilwell fierce conflict. Chiang Kai-shek continue to exert pressure on the United States to adhere to the U.S. side to recall Stilwell
October 18 day, Roosevelt restoration of Chiang Kai-shek, agreed to recall Stilwell, Wedemeyer and recommended to the Chief of Staff of the Chinese theater. 21, 2009, Roosevelt Stilwell was removed from office. U.S. Ambassador Gowan also hold the same political views and Stilwell resignation to return home. October 31, Wedemeyer arrived in Chongqing, became the Chief of Staff of the Chinese theater high command. Hurley will replace McGowan then U.S. Ambassador to

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