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October 21.2001-The first session of China (Jieyang) International Jade Festival

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October 21, 2001, the fifth day of September (Government House), the first session of China (Jieyang) International Jade Festival. the

The first session of China (Jieyang) International Jade Festival
The first session of China (Jieyang) International Jade Festival
The first session of China (Jieyang) International Jade Festival
The first session of China (Jieyang) International Jade Festival
"Asian Yudu - Jieyang" by the Chinese Jade "Hundred Flowers Award
Asian Jade - Jieyang" inaugurated. (L $ djτ.cōm) reporter learned that the exciting news: the closure of up to 10 years "jewelry, jewelry, jade Hundred Flowers Award" came back to life, will be restored this jade festival selection, with Asian jade - Jieyang inauguration, Jieyang will become a Chinese jade identification, detection, selection, and jade professionals concentrated, Jieyang is expected to become the country of jade "standard setters". Closure of ten years of Chinese jade "Hundred Flowers Awards" reproduce, according to the fourth (China Jieyang) International Jade Festival Organizing Committee, deputy director of the CMC the main Ren Fangzhen $ of Dongshan District, Jieyang City, jade festival held during the Chinese Jade "Hundred Flowers Award" contest will attract wide attention from jade circles at home and abroad, currently has more than 250 pieces of jade ornaments, pendants the boutique sign up to participate in the selection. This activity is the highest domestic jade contest, and is the current largest jade festival highlights. (History www.TodayOnHistory.com)
jewelry, jewelry, jade Hundred Flowers Award contest has been closed down for a decade. Over the last decade, the country, especially the male beauty jade emerging out of a large number of jewelry, jewelry jade handed down masterpiece, the part can be incorporated into China's cultural treasure house of art gem. Studied and decided by the relevant national authority, in order to further promote and facilitate innovation and development of Chinese jewelry jade industry, the recovery will be held this year from China "Jewelry, jewelry, jade Hundred Flowers Award" contest. The bright jade boutique brings together male beauty, will enable the public to feel close to the long and splendid, extensive and profound the Jade culture, a taste of fine jade charm. Yang beauty jade industry cluster development the Yang Mei Village jade production, processing enterprises everywhere, all over the village every corner, has formed an industry cluster, showing good development scene thriving. Large-scale market, management practices, and male beauty has laid a leading position as a country and Asia's most upscale, the largest, most concentrated high-grade jade production and processing base and trade distribution center. It is understood that the Jieyang importance to the development of male beauty jade industry, after careful planning and capitalize on the trend of the past decade, and has formed a good pattern of development. Adjacent to the the Yang Mei Village of Josie, Joe East, Qiaonanguqiao Village relying on geopolitical and some villagers there has always been engaged in the traditional advantages of jade production, processing and trade, pioneered the development of jade industry. In jade industry development based on the purchase from Russia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Liaoning, Henan and other places Baiyu billet made of a variety of white jade products to sell, and the increasing size of. In Zhuo year cut $ 10 billion, accounting for 20% of the total output value of the same industry! By virtue of the results, eastern Guangdong Jieyang City koup Chinese jade are "title in the bag. Reporters recently learned from Jieyang, China Light Industry Federation has approved the grant of honorary title of "Chinese jade are" Jieyang.
Qicheng Myanmar jade sold in the male beauty
Jieyang City is located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, Chaoshan plain, is the development of the historical and cultural city in Guangdong Province, jade industry has a long history, has been 100 years of history. According to reports, Jieyang jade industry is mainly concentrated in the Dongshan District, which Yang Mei Village is the most famous. (Lsjt.org)
According to reports, Yang Mei villagers began to develop since the end of the Qing Dynasty jade processing industry, engaged in jade a small business in a small number of farmers' slack, processing the old jade earn wages. To the reform and opening up, jade processing business industry to continue to flourish, the local emergence of a group Caiyu saw jade, carved jade, tours jade, of Kam jade and marketers, professional and technical personnel. According to incomplete statistics, the annual high-grade jade produced in Myanmar have 70% of the flow of male beauty. Currently, the village more than 700 households and 3,000 people, 95% of villagers engaged in the design, processing, production, and marketing of jade. (1 $ djτ.cōm)
"Seven Wonders of the decadent the magic
male beauty is not jade, how to become famous" Jade "? Locals believe that success lies in the opening of the technical and management of male beauty. Saying: "玉不琢不成器. , Locally known as "Jade doctors and crafts Lin Chao Ming deep. A cross-section only finger size, about one meter of the random pattern "waste" jade material, purchased more than 80 million up to thousands of yuan actually processed price! Lin Chao-ming told reporters about the period of jade medical point stone for the gold story. A jade supplier purchased a piece of jade material, the whole dark green jade material color noble and dignified, the fly in the ointment is that many linear Tamaryo black flaws, thereby reducing the value of the jade material. "This Tamaryo, perhaps only in Hong Kong as scrap jade processing. "Master Lin said. However, Yang Mei Village, jade piece of scrap jade material publicly put out, the local the "Jade doctors" have to come up with ideas. Finalize the program of the jade material sawed, carved dragon columns, "black line" in the pattern carved out. Really, Yu Jiang Tamaryo sawn segment over 10 carved exquisite dragon take off pattern, "black line" be eradicated completely, each Panlong column "value of nearly one million.
locals say, the male beauty carved jade master does not rely on confidentiality, but by hard effort to make money. Local Government, the 5978 Jieyang jade production, processing and trade enterprises, employing 13.5 million people, jewelery, jade 2004 industrial output value of 10.72 billion yuan, accounting for about 20% of the national industrial output value in the same industry, exports worth 2.4585 billion dollars. the the
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