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January 31.1943-Lai and the death of the father of Taiwan's new literature

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(Imo twelfth lunar month 26), January 31, 1943, Lai and the death of the father of Taiwan's new literature.

Lai and the death of the father of Taiwan's new literature
Lai Ho (1894-1943), formerly known as Lai River the word lazy cloud, called and Aberdeen first, the pen name just three, Andou Sheng, gray walking street first and so on. Born in Changhua, Taiwan, a "people person" House. (History today TodayOnHistory.com) Lai and life period, the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, the implementation of the period of colonial rule, brutalizing the face of the oppressive rule of the Japanese rulers to implement political, economic, cultural assimilation policy, Lai and the death of the "target =" _blank "> Lai pen knives and guns, to expose the enthusiastic praise of the rebellious spirit of the people of Taiwan and accusing the Japanese invaders caused untold sufferings to the people of Taiwan, he works the May Fourth Movement "subsequent generation of Native writers had a profound impact, Lai became the pioneer of Taiwan's new literary movement known as the Taiwan Literature" milk mother
Lai and less hours reluctant to join Japan schools in the local "small Yat Church" to accept a Mr. Huang Zhuoqi Chinese language education, benefit from deep. After a last resort, in school to learn Japanese, but do not want to cut off the symbol of the Chinese people's braids May 1909, at the age of 16 into the Taiwan Governor medical school study, graduating in 1914. was opened in 1916 in his hometown of Changhua the Lai and hospitals, for the treatment of diseases of the poor masses. went to Xiamen, Fujian in 1917, two years of service in the Pok Oi Hospital in Xiamen two years he two years the Sinology aspects as well as the ideological aspects have a significant harvest. influenced by the May Fourth Movement, to Lai and deeply the importance of national self-determination, especially for enlightening people of the importance of the further view that literature is important role, should belong to the people after this, he began to side of practicing medicine, side of literary life in 1919, (1 $ djτ.cōm) Lai returned to Taiwan and began to engage in anti-Japanese movements and literary creation in 1924 due to engaged in the anti-Japanese national liberation movement first arrested and jailed in 1941 because of the so-called "ideological problems" once again arrested and jailed this imprisonment, Lai and the physical and mental health by the serious destruction of early 1943, the prison shortly after a heart attack and died, aged only 50 years old the
Lai and died, the people of Taiwan deeply missed and admiration for him. his grave on in Taiwan Baguashan, and the cemetery is always kept clean and tidy. originally circulated a legend in the local people, said Lai, and the tomb of grass can cure people rush to pull that on the grass in the cemetery are plucked out the
Lai and known as "poetry medical , who, with his lofty ethics and people More Signed in won widespread reverence his skillful, but approachable, especially for those poor people, sometimes even visit fee is not charged. "Some patients Lai and physicians on credit drugging money, but it seems impossible to pay back the money patients, even do not write down the account. "him every day to see patients in more than one hundred. Mr. behind, but stay next million yuan of debt. "
depends not only lofty medical ethics doctors, more importantly, his image civilians writer renowned Taiwan's literary scene, the writers speak for the people. Moreover, he or stand in the forefront of the times, people with lofty ideals, and the people of Taiwan to join the struggle against Japanese rule his medical practice life behind the family business so depressed, in addition to the often charges less free treatment, the main reason is he own money generously funded the anti-Japanese struggle of his life among the people, and have a profound understanding of the suffering of the people of Taiwan, deepest thoughts and feelings of the struggle of the people of Taiwan and the Japanese invaders. his firm national consciousness, which can be from manifested on two things: his life forever wearing only Chinese clothing, never wear Japanese clothing; his life only with Chinese writing, prefer to use the first classical grass, and then changed to the vernacular, but also utterly refuse Japanese writing. The novel is both a true reflection of his thought, but also a true portrayal of the real life of that era.
Lai and deeply mainland New Culture Movement, after the outbreak of the May Fourth Movement, he immediately returned to Taiwan from Xiamen , and Huang Chaoqin, sheets of our army together in Taiwan, set off a the vernacular literary movement. Lai, 1921 and joined the Taiwan Cultural Association, and was elected as a director. 1925, Lai and for the echoes of vernacular writing published debut prose " Untitled ", known as" the first one of the new literary movement in Taiwan since Memorial prose "in 1926, Lai and published in Taiwan and China" on the new literary movement since the earliest vernacular writing her first novel the "bucket Naore, has now entered the creation of a strong period. 1930, he and by Xu Naichang. Huang Chengcong founder of modern life," In 1932, he and Chen imaginary if Huang weeks with the auspices of "Taiwan and China", " the the Taiwan Hsin Min Pao, "the" apprenticeship bar ", and served as the South Sound", "Taiwan's new literature editor, training and guidance and help a rising star in 1934, the first troupes in Taiwan," Taiwan's literary Union " established, Lai is generally acclaimed as the chairman, but he was Guci not the wave of new literary movement Lai and push for the undisputed leaders of Taiwan's literary world, his life, for the promotion of the vernacular writing and promoting new literary movement from the great role. someone said, Taiwan's new literature by Lai and laid the first hoe, planted the first grain seeds "
Lai and valuable literary wealth left to the people, including novels, essays, poetry and reviews, including fiction highest achievements of his work is full of realism style, with simple writing the bloody social reality of the Japanese colonial period exhumation in front of people, to arouse the will of the struggle of the oppressed weak due to occupational the reasons, (l $ jτ.cń) Lai, and the people in contact with the local lower more thus particularly profound social darkness and suffering of the people portrayed from 1925 to 1927 three years, he has published the poem "consciousness the expense of the state, "the novel" bucket Naore the "and" a, "said Tsai, said this three works of Lai and life writing three themes, namely the corruption of the old social customs, humiliation the people, as well as the struggle of the weak. corruption of the old social customs, expressed the dissatisfaction of the people of the dark realities of the Japanese colonial period and cultural innovation and social progress is the humiliation of the people, the performance of the tragic story of the people groaning in misery struggle of the weak, uphold the indomitable will of the oppressed people and the spirit of resistance. com) (on three topics constitute an important ideological content of Lai novels and Lai satirist and drawing techniques good at using the language of the Taiwan masses, filled with strong flavor of life in the works. novel
Lai and rarely spectacular life and death struggle, not what Thunderball rhetoric strength from lifelike realism, directly exposing the Day The According to the era political carcinoid primary concern at, this seems to be "moderate" ideological enlightenment but powerfully fiddled with the fire of anger buried in people's hearts, the profundity of their novels also here.
1920 new literary movement divided; Yeh in "recovering ago General Preface" infancy "," mature "and" war period ", (1 $ djτ.cōm) Lai and creative activities almost throughout the three periods the Lai and works had a profound influence on Taiwan after May Fourth generation native writers. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) & ldquo YANG Shou-yu; Lai, and is a pioneer in Taiwan's new literature, he mentioned tuck and guide the development of Taiwan's new literature of the Japanese occupation era, "he's realistic awareness impact after many literary creators, especially in infancy this evaluation Lai and Chen Xu Gu; mockery techniques affect Tsai worry dong, Wu Cho-liu, Yeh; while his indomitable the protest spirit more affected Zhu point person (lssjt.cn) Yang Kuei Lu Ho-jo. " It can be said is correct.

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