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October 21.1833-Nobel was born

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(In September Chujiu Kimi years), October 21, 1833, Nobel was born. Nobel was born

Nobel was born
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Emanuel Nobel (Noble, AlfredBernhard), Swedish chemist 1833 was born in Stockholm on October 21, December 10, 1896 and died in San Remo, Italy. Nobel Prize in 1842 with the family to live in St. Petersburg, Russia, went to Paris in 1850 to study chemistry for one year, and later in the United States J. Erickson men worked for four years, back to St. Petersburg to work in his father's factory.
1859 Nobel began to study nitroglycerine, but in 1864 factory explosion in order to prevent future accidents, Nobel nitroglycerine absorption of inert material, the use of safer the Nobel call it Dana explosives, and patented in 1867. 1875 Nobel collodion (cellulose six trinitrate) mixed with nitroglycerin, gummy substance , fried glue called Bi Dana explosives stronger explosive power, in 1876, patented 1887 Nobel smokeless explosives his many other inventions, synthetic rubber, leather and rayon manufacturers have won a patent
Nobel operating oil fields and production of explosives, accumulated great wealth of his death, the legacy of the majority of the fund annually awarded to the previous year (approximately $ 200,000) of its interest in the physical , chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace who make a significant contribution to human bonus, that the Nobel Prize in 1901, first awarded in 1968, the creation of the Nobel prize, by the Swedish National Bank funding.

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