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October 21.1874-Patriotic overseas Chinese Tan Kah Kee's Birthday

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October 21, 1874 (Awake, September 12), patriotic overseas Chinese Tan Kah Kee's birthday. ,

1874 10 21, Tan Kah Kee died "target =" _blank "> Tan Kah Kee was born in Fujian Tongan jimei town an ordinary merchant family, his early years, his father went Nanyang operating business and industry, has set up more than 30 factories, more than 100 stores, for farming more than 10,000 acres of rubber and pineapple plantations employment of workers, tens of thousands of people, can be described as family-owned million consistent settle abroad, he has fond memories of the motherland.
early youth, Tan Kah Kee eyes see the corruption of the Qing government, the country's distress, so he was determined dedication to their country, the country and people from untold miseries, in 1910, he joined the United League, cut long braids, wave exposure Revolution Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities, he has fundraising over 20 million after the failure of the Revolution, China is still not free from imperialist aggression Tan Kah Kee said: "Today, the national power at stake," which the sustainer provided the Franshion education Acquainted with the support of the people & rdquo ;, "to enlighten the people to help the revolution and help save the country." and then determined to "force and, when trying to set up schools for the best national vocation."
from 1913 onwards, Tan Kah Kee began in his hometown of Jimei Donated to the Education after another run from the primary and secondary schools, teacher training, commercial, aquatic, marine, agriculture, and many schools in 1921, he founded the Xiamen University, it was only in Fujian Province University only 1921 16 years to 1937, he was the burden of Tan Kah Kee founder of Xiamen University "target =" _blank "> 400 million start-up costs and recurrent costs of Xiamen University. Before his death in domestic deposits of more than 300 million, all donated to the country, for the development of educational undertakings. A considerable part of his life for the cause of education money donated is funded in his time of economic difficulty, when his office the company has been forced to suspend the case, he still borrow from banks, to maintain the survival of the school.
Tan Kah Kee personal life is very frugal. During the war and the liberation of the eve of his private residence in Jimei Village twice destroyed. But he used $ 800 million to repair and build more Jimei campus, has always refused to rebuild his private residence. (Lssjt.cn) Tan Kah Kee in his later years lived a very ordinary room in the the Jimei school offices upstairs, office furniture and other supplies are very simple and old, not a luxury. An old couch in his studio, he insisted on a new one, only to change the cushion, personally recruited a small piece of wood, resting on the armrest when needed, as activities writing board, his later years, often in the piece Writing on wood. In 1950, Xiamen University, began to expand (the L $ djτ.cōm) Tan Kah Kee often to Xiamen to understand and guide the work. Where he would eat the same meals with the staff. Even with the arrival of the central leading comrades, he did not set up Chinese feast, only to prepare "fried rice" risotto local flavor to entertain guests.
Tan Kah Kee is the first overseas Chinese in all aspects of political, economic, social and cultural activities rolled into one, Mao Zedong has been acclaimed as "overseas Chinese flags, national brilliant. August 12, 1961, (history com) Tan Kah Kee died in Beijing.

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