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October 21.1967-Washington held demonstrations against the Vietnam War

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October 21, 1967 (September 18) DingWei, held demonstrations against the Vietnam War in Washington.

Washington held demonstrations against the Vietnam War
Washington held demonstrations against the Vietnam War
the U.S. peaceful demonstrators and the military police
1967 October 21, 2010, thousands of demonstrators shouting slogans and rushed to the Pentagon peace rally held in Washington against the Vietnam War turned violent conflict. Soldiers to defend the Pentagon and federal law enforcement officers are equipped with rifles and bayonets, they formed a cordon to prevent the impact of the demonstrators. Demonstrators still bravely impact cordon guard personnel forced to hit the demonstrators with batons and rifle butts. Nearly 300 people were arrested in the demonstrations, including the novelist of Mailer and rally organizers - the country to protest the Vietnam War, the end of the Vietnam War, the main organizing committee Xidelinjie. Nightfall large-scale violence gradually settles down, only a few hundred people to protest at strategic locations.
this picture, American public opinion against played a large role in the Vietnam War.

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