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October 21.1967-U.S. outbreak of large march to Washington peace

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October 21, 1967 September 18 (DingWei years), the United States broke out to the Washington peace march. and sixties,

U.S. outbreak of large march to Washington peace
the U.S. government continue to intensify aggression in Vietnam, but was strong opposition of their people. October 21, 1967, tens of thousands of demonstrators from across the United States flock to Washington, DC, in front of the Lincoln Monument collection. They held up "immediately withdraw the army," the abolition of conscription "We are not going to Vietnam (war)" placards. Afternoon, held more than 100,000 demonstrators attended the General Assembly strongly condemned the invasion of Vietnam war executed by the Johnson administration, condemned conscription. Demonstrators chant anti-war song, shouting slogans against the war of aggression, marching to the seat of the U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon. The demonstrators surrounded the Defense Ministry building to building impact. Conflict with them military police and the the handheld variety of weapons, and some people rushed into the Pentagon, and military police to fight in the hallway. About 700 people were arrested and 1,400 people were injured. (TodayinHistory.cn)

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