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October 21.1969-Brandt any Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany

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October 21, 1969 (, Jiyou September 11), Brandt was appointed Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany. either the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany "target =" _blank "

Brandt any Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany
West German Chancellor Willy Brandt> Brandt In September 1969, the West German general election. postwar long-term implementation of the Christian Union defeat, the Social Democratic Party was wins, to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democratic Party, the Social Democrats Brandt on October 21 as West German Chancellor Social Democrats for the first time since 1930, his cabinet
Willy Brandt was born in joined the German Social Democratic Party in 1913 and 1931 for engaging in anti-fascist activities in exile in Norway in 1933, returning in 1947. former rank as the Berlin City Council President and Mayor of Berlin. was appointed chairman of the Social Democratic Party in 1964. 1966 years to 1969, he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Union Cabinet here proposed policy of "small steps", began to improve relations with the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe. served as the Prime Minister, the implementation of a series of reforms: reducing elected qualifications age, November 1971 by workers involved in the management of private enterprise management law, to expand enterprise trade union committee personnel, welfare and economic rights; implementation of educational reform in order to achieve equality of opportunity in 1973, while the construction of many schools; expansion of social welfare law social welfare net; legal and administrative reforms.
external still the United States and NATO military forces backed by the same time the implementation of the "Ostpolitik" trying to exchange for the understanding of the Soviet Union to recognize the post-war reality , and Eastern European countries to achieve the normalization of relations between Willy Brandt went to Moscow in August 1970 Moscow Treaty signed with the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact was signed with Poland in December the same year, the mutual recognition of the territorial status quo in Europe and conventions mutual does not infringe December 1972, East and West Germany signed the Basic Treaty, mutual recognition of West Germany also has established diplomatic relations with the Eastern European countries. these policies have caused some domestic opposition, combined with domestic reforms to increase the country's expense, national debt rapidly increasing, the decline in the rate of economic growth. opposition party to take advantage of this situation of no confidence in the proposal of the Prime Minister in April 1972 in the Bundestag, failed by two votes difference, Brandt request the president to dissolve parliament in the new parliament comparable to the Christian Democratic Party and the Social Democratic forces in the election, Brandt continue, although the ruling, but the status is unstable
1974 Brandt secretary Guillaume spy case was uncovered, Brandt was forced to resignation on May 6.

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