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October 25.1971-The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium

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October 25, 1971 (, Xinhai September seventh day), the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium
Belgium, the full name of the Belgian establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Belgium, "target =" _blank "> Ancient Billy person named, meaning" brave warrior "in western Europe, covering an area of ​​30,528 square kilometers ( enclave of the territory of the Netherlands of Balak, - El East). population of 9,979,000 (1991), in which the Dutch-speaking Flanders District of 5,769,000, the French-speaking Wallonia 3,256,000 (including 68,000 German-speaking) use Dutch and French language Brussels 954,000. official language is French, and Dutch 90% of the residents are Catholic. Brussels, the capital of the main mineral coal, there is a small amount of iron, zinc, lead, copper, and forest coverage 20% for the developed capitalist industrial countries, the tertiary industry has developed rapidly, and its output value accounted for 69.7% of the gross national product per capita GDP of $ 25,000 (1995). rely on imports of food. iron and steel, machinery, non-ferrous metal industry metals, chemicals, textiles, glass, coal, etc. The main products of import and export of raw material products, transport equipment, chemical products and food from 57 BC, Romans, Gauls and Germans have long been divided rule of the late 14th century to 15 century Burgundy the first dynasty unified, after Spain, Austria and France rule and the Dutch in 1815. independence in October 4, 1830 July 21, 1831 (National Day) than the first generation of King Leopold I ascended. [TodayinHistory.cn] German occupation during the two world wars have been a long time, the Dutch-speaking Flemish and French-speaking Wallonia region and language, ethnic conflicts, resulting splintering of political parties and make Government once frequent change of the federal system in 1993 to establish diplomatic relations with China on October 25, 1971 Belgium basic information
country name: Kingdom of Belgium (The Kingdom of Belgium, Le Royaume de Belgique) code BE Independence Day: October 4 (1830), National Day: July 21 (1831 years ago, King Leopold I ascended the throne day)
Belgium flag
the flag: rectangle, the length and width ratio of 15:13. Flags face from left to right by the black, yellow, red three parallel vertical rectangle equal to constitute Black is a solemn and memorable color, expressed condolences in the 1830 independent heroes who sacrificed their lives in the war; yellow symbolizes the harvest of the country's wealth and animal husbandry and agriculture; red symbolizes life and blood of the patriot, but also a symbol of the great victory of the War of Independence. Belgium is a hereditary constitutional monarchy. the King car ride suspension Wang the first letter of the flag, king of the flag and the flag is the square flag approximated brown, flag the middle of the ground and at the four corners of the Belgian national emblem, flag have a crown and reign of King name.
Belgian national emblem
national emblem: cape-style. entire pattern center as an upright lion shield surface, followed by cross-kings scepter, a symbol of royal power shield-shaped pattern surrounded by Leopold Medal ribbons, two side each holding a flag of a lion, the upper end of a crown decorated ring hanging under a Leopold (Belgium first monarch) Medal, the bottom of the sash with the words "unity is strength & rdquo ; cloak the upper end decorated with crown and representatives Belgium nine provinces and nine banner.
Belgian national anthem ^ 18 ^ mid "name =" mediaplayerfile "Song of Brabant Belgian national anthem
national anthem : Brabant Song "(La Braban ç onne), the national flower: poppy, the national bird: kestrel (on www.TodayOnHistory.com) national motto: Eendracht maakt macht; (lssjt. gibt St. ä rke (Dutch, French, and German, unity is strength) of the ¹ union fait la force the; (lssjt.cn) (TodayinHistory.cn) Einigkeit (TodayinHistory.cn) L cn), national politicians: King Albert II Albert II ascended the throne in August 1993; Prime Minister Yves Leterme, in March 2008, he worked. Official languages: Dutch (1980 Dutch Union known as Flemish), French, German, Currency: Euro nation: Flemish family francs (BEF) 59.3% 40.1%; Walloon family accounted for 0.6%; Germanic tribe, Religion: Catholic 90% of the population, with the Beijing time difference: -7, international phone code: 32 Population density: 344.32/km (29) of the World
Belgian culture picture < the br>
Brussels first citizens - small Iraq even
Brabant, Belgium Folk Festival between true and false Scarecrow in procession
Kelu Pei 13 century Caron the De Laita
Brussels City Hall Plaza
the Luo Ben Castle

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