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October 25.1971-China's recovery to the legitimate seat of the United Nations

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October 25, 1971 (, Xinhai September seventh day), restore the legitimate seat of the United Nations.

China's recovery to the legitimate seat of the United Nations
China's recovery to the legitimate seat of the United Nations
China's recovery to the legitimate seat of the United Nations
China's recovery to the legitimate seat of the United Nations
China's recovery to the legitimate seat of the United Nations
Chinese delegation wreathed in smiles. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua left, right In 1971 October 25, 2010, Huang Hua, China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, the twenty-sixth General Assembly of the United Nations on the restoration of all the legitimate rights of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations, (TodayinHistory. cn) and immediately the KMT Group of representatives from the United Nations and its affiliated agencies expelled Resolution 2758 vote. The results of the vote, the resolution was adopted by 76 votes in favor, 35 votes against and 17 abstentions, by an overwhelming majority. When the electronic voting card shows the result of the vote, the meeting hall of Thunder applause roar, and last up to two minutes long. Representatives of many countries sing their hearts out to celebrate the many portraits festive can not help but dance. Of course, some people feel embarrassed and awkward.
This is a historic moment, it is a glorious moment, is a forever memorable, worthy of the Chinese people and the world peace-loving and justice-upholding countries and people are proud of the moment.
the past, remember: manipulated by the United States in September 1950, the Fifth General Assembly rejected a proposal to restore the legitimate rights of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations Special Committee composed of seven decided by the General Assembly to consider representation still allow the representatives of the "Republic of China", the resolution is not made previously occupied the UN seat. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement that the decision of the UN General Assembly in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, rude, illegal (on com) the United States should bear the main responsibility.
from 1951 to 1960, 10 years, the United States stop thief (history today www.lssdjt.com) as an excuse to so-called "Chinese aggression against the DPRK," a full decade to prevent the United Nations General Assembly to discuss the issue of representation .
1961, the Sixteenth General Assembly General Committee by a discussion of the question of China's UN seat. This is undoubtedly the first sound alarm sounded to prevent obstacles and resume their seats set in the United States. But the United States still stubbornly sticking to its erroneous practice, does it cry. Thus, it is the other tricks to force the restoration of China's representation as an "important issues" by the UN General Assembly to count by 2/3 majority in favor of party. This means that in a few cases in the United States, still obstruct the resumption of China's legitimate rights in the United Nations.
1961 09 22, "People's Daily" published an editorial that: this new approach is completely in violation of the Charter of the United Nations Charter "important issues" refers to the addition of the new Member States, Member States the right to stop the removal from the Member States, and the restoration of China's legitimate rights in the United Nations does not fall within the above range. Charter also expressly provided shall not interfere in the internal affairs of Member States, and the United States, these Chinese representation as "important issues" in an attempt to continue to usurp the seat of China in the United Nations so long can not represent China's Kuomintang Group, which is essentially on the interference in China's internal affairs. Then, after 10 years
, on the twenty-fifth General Assembly in 1970 to support the restoration of our seats and the expulsion of the KMT Group "on behalf of" the result of the vote was 51 votes in favor, 47 votes against and in favor of the first time than against it. At that time the General Assembly Chamber of the dome of applause everywhere, lasted longer and warm atmosphere is rare. Hegemonists unexpected, so as to force the United States to some far-sighted politicians, in their words, "the interest of the United States, had to face reality. This makes them aware of the United Nations, the largest international organization for many years was the manipulation of voting machines not working.
1971, then U.S. President Richard Nixon speech in Kansas City, the world is divided into five poles, said China is one of the five poles, the first to use the title of the People's Republic of China.
1971, the President of the United States National Security Adviser, Dr. Kissinger's secret visit to China. In October of the same year, Kissinger visit to China last, this is open to the public. (L $ jτ.cń) In October, 1971, New York City time, on the 25th night, it is Beijing time 26 am. At this moment, the General Assembly at its twenty-sixth General Assembly vote to restore the legitimate rights of the Chinese, it is also at this point in time, Dr. Kissinger and his party are the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse to go to the airport of the capital on the road. Henry Kissinger and other passenger car direct-drive in front of the United States "Air Force One" aircraft. Get off, he was surrounded by a group of reporters. One of them, it appears that Kissinger's old acquaintance, the told him Coushang radio just now informed that the results of the vote by the General Assembly on the issue of representation. Kissinger listen intently, still lose calm, strong boarded the ramp at a brisk pace, cabin mouth politely turned around, waved to pay tribute to off people.
Chairman Mao Zedong said in the winter of this year, and this year we have two major happy event: First, Lin Biao cross; Second, the General Assembly to restore our seats. Thus, Chairman Mao to restore the UN seat diplomatic victory of strategic significance to China, gave high evaluation.
Chinese government immediately decided to actively participate in the activities of the United Nations and quickly composed of China under Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou Enlai personally intervene and care, to attend the 26th UN General Assembly delegation. On the evening of November 8, members of the delegation and some staff, led by Premier Zhou to Zhongnanhai Chairman Mao's residence, cordially received by the Chairman. Chairman Mao met with a delegation to attend an international conference, listening to the reports and confidential briefings led by Deputy Foreign Minister, I am afraid this is the first time. This once again shows just how seriously the Chinese leaders of the United Nations, the restoration of China's legitimate rights.
night, Chairman Mao, hale and hearty, enthusiastic, standing in the den door to greet everyone and shook hands, be friendly and approachable. Chairman Mao laughing all times and nothing less. From "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" from the OSCE talks to the the the northern warlords chips Security Council; historical allusion to the complex environment of the capitalist world. President also repeatedly asked, this General Assembly to the 2/3 majority vote to support us, the third world countries to lift us into. For their support to 11 visits to express my sincere thanks! Countries to abstain from voting on the those awed U.S. pressure would also like to express appreciation and understanding of their situation.
the Chairman Mao Tanxing very strong, and continued until after midnight. Since then, his shoes and Fujian Hall of the Great Hall of the People, presided over by Premier Zhou to continue talking about the Oriental white. It can truly be said throughout the night. On the morning of November 9, 1971, China has participated in all the staff of the 26th UN General Assembly delegation led by Qiao Guanhua, head rushed to the Beijing Capital International Airport. On this day, the Capital Airport donned festive costumes, particularly lively. Delegation in the sound of gongs and drums circling a week, move the crowd came to see him to thank, immediately after boarding the central leading comrades, led by Premier Zhou handshake. It is said, the solemn, grand and warm bolstering move specially arranged according to Chairman Mao's instructions.
1971 11 15, the People's Republic of China delegation headed by Qiao Guanhua attend the 26th UN General Assembly meeting, by the very warm welcome. Welcoming remarks by the President of the General Assembly, Malik, has to address the representatives of 57 countries to welcome the Chinese delegation. , Qiao Guanhua prolonged applause and cheers, boarded the podium, the General Assembly of the United Nations, delivered an important speech. In his speech, on behalf of the Chinese government and the Chinese people to adhere to the principle of upholding justice, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) to make unremitting efforts for the restoration of China's legitimate rights in the United Nations in Albania, (lssjt.cn) Algeria 23 sponsors many friendly countries to support the proposal, expressed his heartfelt thanks and comprehensively expounded the principled stance of the Chinese government in a series of major international issues.
1971 11 30, China's Permanent Council on behalf of Huang Hua attended the Security Council meeting.
our country in the restoration of the legitimate seat of the United Nations and the Security Council, a superpower hostility, isolation and blockade the bankruptcy of the new China policy is a major victory for China on the diplomatic front. the American workers
for the United Nations working towards the People's Republic of China the flag
Qiao Guanhua in the 26th session of the General Assembly podium to speak

China's flag raised in the United Nations Headquarters in New York in front of the building
Taiwan authorities to attend the 26th UN General Assembly "heads of delegations," Foreign Minister "Chow (right), & ldquo ; Chief Representative for the United Nations "Liu Kai (Left) and ambassador to Mexico," Chen Zhiping (after). October 25, in the above-mentioned proposals before the vote, Chow announced that the "exit" United Nations.

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