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October 21.1988-Marcos couple accused of committing fraud and deception to stand trial

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October 21, 1988 (September 11) Boshin years, Marcos and his wife accused of committing fraud and deception to stand trial.

Marcos couple accused of committing fraud and deception to stand trial
Imelda ignore the protests of the protesters in the escort of bodyguards enter the federal court filing Reference October 1988, the United States federal grand jury in Manhattan, New York, sued former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife trial for control of committing fraud and deception "target =" _blank "> Marcos couple guilty of fraud.
Marcos to the United States, he declared total assets of less than 1 million U.S. dollars and the federal grand jury investigation found that after more than two years, Marcos and his accomplices to spend public funds the Government of the Philippines from 1981 to 1983 of $ 102 million purchased three office buildings in New York, and fraudulent means to lend $ 165 million to two banks in the United States, additional funds for the New York real estate purchase other private property. Marcos couple also has a large number of deposit accounts in Switzerland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the United States and other banks, a large number of the United States, Britain, Canada, the Philippines, investment, construction, real estate company shares, worth 600 million U.S. dollars of art and furniture, etc., with total assets of unknown
indictment also commanded the Marcos couple guilty of contempt of court because they refused to grand jury subpoenas, and not to provide their fingerprints, voice and handwriting samples.
under U.S. law defraud provisions, if the Marcos couple convicted of illegal property will be confiscated and may be sentenced to imprisonment of less than 20 years.
Marcos lawyer in Hawaii, said Marcos couple went to New York, surrendered on the 31st plead
the Philippine government welcomed the U.S. prosecution of Marcos, said the move is to support the Aquino regime to assist the United States to investigate the case of the Independent Commission official said, this will be a "stressed the powerful message" tell those "above the law, to plunder national and abuse of public trust pocketed dictators around the world, they can no longer find a safe haven in the United States."

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