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October 21.1992-Three Gorges Reservoir Area county migrated to the new site selected

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October 21, 1992 (, Ren Shen on September 26), the Three Gorges Reservoir Area county migrated to a new site selected.

1992 10 21, the new county seat of Zigui County in the Three Gorges Reservoir site plan recently approved by experts. According to the plan, (lsjt.org) Zigui County City from the the normalized 洲镇 relocated abuts on the upper reaches of the Three Gorges Dam in scissors valley. At this point, the new site of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area county relocation selected "target =" _blank "> several counties, the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, site work has been completed. Xingshan county by the Gaoyang now relocated to the town of Khufu, Badong County Park dating cloud Tuo temple floor, west along the soil slope; the Fengjie County Yunyang County, the new site of more than thirty immigrants election point work has been completed as planned.

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