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October 21.2008-Sichuan Guangyuan citrus maggots event

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October 21, 2008 (September 23, Lunar New Year), Sichuan Guangyuan citrus maggots event. found on the

Sichuan Guangyuan citrus maggots event
Sichuan Guangyuan citrus maggots event

dorsalis (Picture)

peeled orange small maggot-like worms
"told family, friends and colleagues do not start oranges Guangyuan oranges this year found skinned white beard on a small maggot-like worms, Sichuan buried a large number, sprinkled with lime. "Recently, many readers the phones received similar SMS. A lot of people talking about orange change: orange what can not eat?
Sichuan Agriculture Department press conference held on the afternoon of October 21, 2008, to clarify the Guangyuan Wangcang outbreak of large-scale citrus fruit fly pest rumors. A staff member of the
Taiyuan Food and Drug Administration confirmed the day before, he heard similar rumors, saying Guangyuan orange pest. Learn the name of this worm fly, has a large area of ​​infection, the local government invested more than 300 million landfill processing. [Lssdjt.cn]
Taiyuan Bureau of Agriculture law enforcement brigade Wu captain said, the Bureau of Agriculture also received a lot of public reflect Taiyuan field of orange, after investigation and verification, large fruit fly. This pest only each other tree species spread "hazard level" almost peaches, dates and other fruits in the long worms. This pest does not belong to the national quarantine objects, is a market supplement quarantine objects, public consumption, throw away can by no means "legend" that horrible cell phone text messages.
the city's Bureau of Agriculture Plant Protection Station, Wang webmaster said, mostly from Sichuan Guangyuan currently the Taiyuan market on the oranges, so oranges infected fruit fly. However, the local government has taken measures, infection of oranges on the market rarely. the
king owners also said, found no maggots citrus pathogenic Medical report, but consumers still have to be more careful, try not to eat "maggot Kom.

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