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October 22.1985-Xu Shiyou's death

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In (Yi Chou, September ninth day), October 22, 1985, Xu Shiyou's death.

Xu Shiyou's death
1985 October 22, 2010, our army's superior military commander Xu Shiyou illness invalid in Nanjing's death, aged 80 years old. February 28, 1905 (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
Shiyou born into a poor peasant family in this new county in Henan Province Surabaya shop area. Youth because of poverty when fatigues to the martial arts master, after to the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts. August 1926, when his first Regiment company commander in the the Wuhan National Revolutionary Army First Division, accepted the revolutionary ideas, participated in the Communist Youth League in September of that year, to join the revolution. In August 1927, when the revolution was at a low ebb, converted to a member of the Chinese Communist Party, and in the month to return home to participate in the Chinese Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army in November of the same year took part in the famous jute uprising, began a long revolutionary career in the army of the people. Xu Shiyou,
Agrarian Revolutionary War, (L $ djτ.cōm), served as squad leader, platoon leader, the president and commander of the battalion, regiment, deputy army commander and the Red Fourth Army cavalry commander, Xu Xiangqian comrades under the leadership, participate in Henan, Anhui Soviet, anti-Soviet Area "siege" and the Long March. He had seven participated in death squads, twice as death squads captain and four wounded. When the Soviet Area Anti six siege "in 1934, he directed three regiments to defend the Wanyuan City, Sichuan Province, to the mettle perish with the position, the flexible application of tactics, defeated the dominant number enemy, stick to as long as three months, made a significant contribution to the defense of the revolutionary base areas. The
Sino-Japanese War began soon, (L $ djτ.cōm) Shiyou with Zhu De apprenticeship Taihang Mountains, engaged in a great struggle against Japan. In October 1938, he served as the Deputy Brigade Commander of the Eighth Route Army 129th Division eighty-six trip. In early February 1939, he and Brigadier Chen Geng Hong Chenggu region in the south of Granville County to Yufu way, luring annihilate the Japanese a reinforced infantry squadron, enemy to death more than 200 people following the captain captured alive and eight people, to the Japanese invaders a heavy blow. In September 1940, he was transferred to the Third Brigade of the Shandong Column. The spring of 1941, he commanded the Jiaodong region Eighth Route Army and the local militants swept puppet, and open up a new situation of the the Jiaodong area anti-Japanese struggle. In February 1942, he Shandong Column chief of staff. In October of the same year, he served as the Jiaodong Military District Commander, the leadership jiaodong soldiers and civilians to carry out the arduous guerrilla warfare.
liberation war period, Xu Shiyou successive 9th Column commander of East China Field Army, the Eastern Front Corps (later known as Shandong Corps) commander, Shandong Military Region Deputy Commander, commander, deputy party secretary of the CPC Central Committee member of the Shandong Branch. In September 1948, he and Tan Zhenlin Wang Jianan one, in accordance with the deployment of the Central Military Commission and the East China Field Army headquarters, the headquarters team by 8 days and nights fighting the capture of the capital of Shandong Province, Jinan City, wiped out 10 million people in the KMT army basically liberation Shandong Province, East China, North China the two major the liberated areas completely connected into a.
the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1953, Xu Shiyou DPRK and the commander of the Third Corps of the Chinese People's Volunteers. He participated in the year Summer counterattack Battle. After returning home, Xu Shiyou successive Huadong Military Region deputy commander, the third secretary of the party committee, the People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff, commander of the Nanjing Military Region, Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of the Nanjing Military Commander, the second secretary of the party committee, the East China Bureau of the CPC Central Committee secretary Department secretary, the first secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Provincial Revolutionary Committee Director, commander of the Guangzhou Military Region, the party first secretary, member of the CPC Central Military Commission, the Standing Committee of the rank. 1955 was awarded the rank, won a eighty-one Medal, an independent Medal of Freedom, a Liberation Medal. In January 1974, he was appointed commander of the Guangzhou Military Region during the command of the The Xisha self-defense war, severely punish the invasion of the South Vietnamese army.
Xu Shiyou is the eighth Party Central Committee alternate, the eighth 22nd Plenary by-the Central Committee. The party's Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh National People's Congress, were elected to the Central Committee, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. He also served as a member of the National Defense Commission, and the first, fourth, fifth National People's Congress. In September 1982, 12 of the party's National People's Congress, Xu Shiyou was elected as a member of the Central Advisory Committee, Standing Committee, deputy director. Take a back seat, he still often go to rural areas, mines, schools research concerned with the development of production and the sufferings of the masses, and put forward many constructive comments to the local party and government organs. He also depth troops inspections, concerned about the modernization of forces, education forces to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition and style of the people's army.

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