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October 22.1991-Agreement on the establishment of the European Economic Area

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October 22, 1991 (, Xinwei September 15), the agreement on the establishment of the European Economic Area.

1991 10 22, the European Community and the European Free Trade Association to establish the European Economic Area agreement reached in the Belgian capital of Brussels.
agreement, while the completion of the unified market in the European Community in 1993, (lssjt.cn) 12 countries of the European Community and EFTA countries Austria, Rui Huang, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and columns Man Liechtenstein will achieve the free circulation of goods, persons, services and capital. The (lssdjt.cn)
19 countries will abolish tariffs and import quotas, unified industrial and product standards, and expand cooperation in areas such as education, scientific research and transportation. The agreement also provides that, by the joint Council of Ministers and the Judicial Yuan as the highest decision-making and arbitration bodies. The agreement establishes the principle of the establishment of the economic zone: the EC integrated development in priority to cooperation can not hinder the establishment of the unified market taste Economic and Monetary Union and Political Union; EC has decision-making autonomy; Union member states. modify their laws to adapt to the laws of the European Community. The establishment of the European Economic Area is the inevitable result of the deepening economic interdependence of the two groups. The economic zone is not the two groups merged, but closer cooperation, but it can still be said to be a new kind of integration organization. (Lssdjt.com)

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