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October 24.1860-The Qing government and Britain signed the Sino-British Treaty of Beijing "

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October 24, 1860 (September 11) Gengshen with the United Kingdom, the Qing government signed the Sino-British Treaty of Beijing. Lord Elgin figure

The Qing government and Britain signed the Sino-British Treaty of Beijing "
The Qing government and Britain signed the Sino-British Treaty of Beijing "
handheld the looting of Chinese treasures, this apparently insignificant in his line to grab something.
1860 10, 24, the imperial envoys the Xin Yi British Plenipotentiary Elgin signed the Sino-British Treaty of Beijing. October 13, the British and French aggression coalition forces occupy Andingmen occupied Beijing. Representatives of the British and French in the 16th to the Qing government presided over the meeting on behalf of Christine Prince Xin Yi compensation for British and French shirt 500,000 taels of silver in the 22 delivery requirements. And provides for the exchange of the instruments of ratification of the Treaty of Tianjin in 23, set "Continued growth Treaty. Emperor Xianfeng fled Rehe, ordered only perverting the will, in order to preserve the overall situation. So Xin Yi adhering the decree accepting Englishman conditions, the unequal treaties signed in Beijing. This about formerly known as the Sino-British the continued growth Treaty ", a total of nine. In addition to confirming the Sino-British Treaty of Tianjin remain valid outside the United Kingdom and expand as aggression against equity: claims increased to 800 million two; additional as a commercial port in Tianjin; permitted the British to recruit workers going abroad; south of the Boundary Street, Kowloon Division ceded to the United Kingdom. The signing of the Treaty of Beijing launched the Second Opium War, the British invaders got his wish. The British that assist the Qing government suppression of the Taiping Revolution, and support Westernization Yi Xin in power after signing,
,. (History today www.lssdjt.com)
1860 Sino-British Treaty of Beijing the drawings
comment: decadent Manchu countless times in recent history for China disrepute. (TodayinHistory.cn)

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