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October 24.1898-Marshal Peng Birthday

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October 24, 1898 (the Hundred Days, September tenth day), Marshal Peng's birthday. the the generals of

Marshal Peng Birthday
Marshal Peng Birthday
Jinggangmycin: Peng Dehuai
Peng Dehuai is a famous military strategist and statesman, when he Hengdao immediately "set hehe feats. After the founding of his work conscientiously, seek truth from facts, and made outstanding contributions to the socialist construction. His life, heroic, diligent, open and aboveboard.
Peng Dehuai October 24, 1898 was born to a poor peasant family in Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, since the age of 11, he called the landlord cattle. He also worked as coal mines workers and pick soil workers, suffered a the bullying crushing of the landlords and capitalists. For life in 1916, he forced by the Revolution of progressive thinking at the same time, join the Xiang Army soldier, becoming an officer in the old army. After that, he joined the Communist Party of China, the revolutionary road of his life.
Peng Laozong life and military inseparable. His life organizing and commanding nearly 200 times larger campaigns and battles, showing excellence to the military, by the Chinese people praise course. Foreign friends called him "victorious Chinese generals," to create the miracle of the war hero. (Lsjt.net)
after the liberation, Peng Laozong never grown arrogant, his people's suffering, as their own things to deal with, and often willing ox bow to Lu Xun "wide waste," poem to themselves, he once said, is to do the people's cattle, cattle of the party, the country's cattle, which individual cattle can never do! "
In the era of the" Great Leap Forward ", Peng Dehuai came to his hometown of Xiangtan in Hunan Province, visited during the day and evening discussion, see the status of the rural, to obtain a first-hand material. He deeply small blast furnace ironmaking is too costly, and not the direction of development. See in the nursing home where the elderly to eat vegetables, winter sleeping bamboo seats, cover broken was, he could not help but say: "This is what happiness hospital, figurehead! Where the school requiring students must live on campus, but the rations of the students did not have enough to eat. He said he was accompanied by the provincial party committee responsible comrades: small rations of students, poor life, or put in the home by their parents to take care of, otherwise, go on like this, will be a child's body perish. "On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Daqing, Peng moved out of Zhongnanhai, moved to the western suburbs of Beijing Guajia Tuen live in the garden of the Wu family. There, his heart and the people attached tightly. His own yard pipes received on the street, so that every household using tap water; rainy day, the dilapidated houses families go to their own yard to live; Whose birth, old age, sickness and death, he went to intervene, the people problems of the masses and cries all the time hitting his heart. The cause of the Party and the people have indelible contribution to the revolutionaries, because it was cruel persecution of the "Gang of Four", passed away on November 29, 1974. (Lssdjt.com)

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