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October 25.1860-The Qing government and France signed a "Sino-French Treaty of Beijing"

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October 25, 1860 (September 12) Gengshen with France, the Qing government signed the Sino-French Treaty of Beijing. the

The Qing government and France signed a "Sino-French Treaty of Beijing"
Aisingiorro the Woodland 䜣 (1833 -1898)
Treaty Description:
order the further open China's door to grab the greater aggression interests and privileges France in 1857, "Ma priest case" as an excuse to dispatch gaylord his troops to China to participate in the British launched the Second Opium War. In June 1858, France forced the Qing government to sign the "Sino-French Treaty of Tianjin, once again a series of aggression interests and privileges obtained from the Qing government. 1859 the French envoy rate Fleet with Britain, the United States and other countries northward about feed, not go clear to Beijing route designated by the government, by force broke into the Taku, the result was a complete defeat. The spring of 1860 (the period of ten years), France colluded with the British re-ignite the flames of war, to expand the aggression against China. October 6, the French army first broke into the Yuanmingyuan robbery; 13, 2009, British and French troops occupied the city of Beijing Andingmen. [L $ djτ.ЙЁT]
under the persecution of this situation, the Qing imperial envoys Woodland? Accepted the "draft Treaty drawn up by France. 25, 2009, the Qing government conferences on behalf of Woodland? The French envoy gaylord "Sino-French Treaty, signed in the Qing Dynasty, the Ministry of Rites lobby and exchanged the ratification of the Treaty of Tianjin.
"Sino-French Treaty of 10 models, main contents are: 1. Compensation French 8 million taels of silver; claims paid, the land occupied by the French army to exit. 2. Show the world released Edict issued by the Qing emperor: any throughout the military and civilian people learn and pass on the Catholic rendezvous sermon, church building Sunday take abuse line check will be deserved punishment; former murder Bong Catholic when the charge of the Catholic Church School, grave graves, Land, Housing Gallery member restitution, to pay the imperial minister of the French presence in the capital of the transmitted to there Feng teach the people, and any French missionaries in the provinces lease or buy land, construction and help yourself. 3. "Sino-French Treaty of Tianjin after the exchange of the Qing dynasty emperor should be immediate drop encyclical," Where there are Chinese sentiments Gan export, or approximately virtue belongs everywhere in France or abroad do not accept the work, all prospective law Minli , whether single or willing to carry their families, conjunction went Tsusho mouth, under the French ships, no forbidden. "4. Immediate opening of Tianjin as a treaty port.
"Sino-French Treaty of Beijing to further expand the the French invaders get through the Second Opium War, aggression interests. The Treaty makes a huge amount of claims in France, French businessman has opened a new trading ports, the French colonialists trafficking laborers legalize. By this treaty, France has also forced the Qing government to agree with the Catholic freedom to preach again, and lose Waqf. The church invading forces along sharp expansion in the land of the Chinese people and the Church of violent conflict lesson plans with unprecedented frequency and scale of the outbreak, but also from one side of the hazards of this treaty.
original treaty:
October 25, 1860, Xianfeng decade September 12, Beijing. Qing emperor,
this big, the French emperor cut of May the two countries do not co-harmonic involution, is based on the great emperor of the Qing Empire mission imperial envoys and Shuo Prince Gong Yi? ; The large French big emperor the mission 内阁大学士 hereditary baron the gaylord imperial discretionary Minister discretionary; each other both of the the Bong discretionary Shangyudang and Chin-Feng discretionary of the Chao Edict public with than read the check, all is in order after the upcoming legislation Terms listed on the left; change about the
first French imperial envoys to Beijing Kang Xi May line to DaGu, there Wu Bian arresting forward very regret but unfortunately, the great emperor of the Qing Empire. second paragraph big French imperial envoys
Beijing about change, or Tuci, or in the capital, the Qing officials both affordable imperial ceremonial reception, was to serve as you like to call it his duty.
third paragraph from the date of the change and treaties, Xianfeng eight set in Tianjin and about cum residual models, except now change the paragraph, the same day should be eleven purposes. (On com)
fourth paragraph Kang Xi years in Tianjin residual fourth paragraph contains reparation Quartermaster silver 2002000 Have to delete; this reconsideration scheduled, reparation Silver Ba 1.002 million. This number has been received silver last year Guangdong Customs paid three hundred thirty-three thousand three hundred thirty three hundred and twenty. The remaining silver, should annually in China Customs taxes silver number, fifth buckle normalized. When BOCOM Department three months to pay once for the first time since August 17, Xianfeng Ten Years ended November 20 worthy. Cross of silver, or full wages, or nickel silver club members also should Jiaotong University the French imperial envoys stationed China, and send its silver, but limited to 18 October in Tianjin County an existing cross Silver Fifty Wan. Future large French factions members stationed in the Chinese imperial envoys and Chinese Minister of meeting setting of how to pay the cashier two how standing acquiring other things, and then properly set.
Di Wukuan Chinese now make up a deficit of silver in this department quartermaster for French businessmen and the protector of object of all the rows in the Guangdong provincial capital, people, or burning, or robbery. Future large French silver this reparation fair apportionment the Frenchman was tired; silver buckle 1,002,000, to send France and China and protectors, to make up for the harm, or the comfort of their bitter, and the rest all arrived in military spending. the
paragraph 6 shall be as Twenty six years on the 25th of the first month Shangyudang notify the world of Lebanon, he served throughout the military and civilian people learn and pass on Catholic rendezvous preaching church building Sunday and indiscriminate check take, be deserved punishment. Turn before the murder the restitution piece should Upon Catholic when the charge of the Catholic church, school, grave grave, Land, Housing Gallery, cross the French presence in the capital of the imperial envoys, transmitted to there Feng teach the people, and any French missionaries in the provinces rent to buy land for construction, reject. (L $ djτ.cōm) from
(7) from the date stamped by the Minister initialed between the two countries, Zhili Province of Tianjin government Krzysztof trade, with the mouth is tantamount, again this should renew since his mark date for the beginning, the immediate effect, needless as soon Bong bilateral YuBi approval, as if each word are contained within the Tianjin Treaty shall comply with such. Large French water, Luer Jun, once the cash register full five hundred and two thousand in Tianjin. Can only exit Tianjin, Tuen, Taku, Yantai two, wait until China will lose the silver full settle all French Wu Bian Zhanju the Chinese place should exit the realm. Contingent of any water, land and major generals in Tianjin bar soldiers for the winter, as soon as the set reparation now silver to clear the withdrawal of the army to quit Tianjin County. Wu Wu laid
paragraph 8, the date of exchange of the original contract, all French Tunyu Zhoushan of military legislation when the exit, the renewal of the date of payable silver five hundred and two thousand paid armies officer temporary inconvenience that line to withdraw troops in Tianjin winter understanding, such as (7) says that Zhu Jin army should be away from the city, to retreat into the Taku forts, in Dengzhou, the North Sea, the Guangdong provincial capital, etc. stationed as soon renew make up a deficit of 8.002 million set fully paid above the garrison and then sweep the number of withdrawal normalized.
ninth also Wu Wu contract interchangeable National Tsing Hua University emperor allowed in the the intraday drop encyclical provincial governors Dali, where there are Chinese sentiments Gan exports, or throughout France, or other oceanic accept work, both quasi-France and China stand about virtue, whether single or willing to carry their families, conjunction went Tsusho mouth, under the French vessels cents with the forbidden. The province Dali should be matched with Dafa imperial envoys DAE various ports circumstances, will be given the Articles of Association, in order to preserve the meaning of the preceding paragraph laborers. (On www.TodayOnHistory.com)
10th paragraph Wu Wu laid about twenty second the mischarging words, ie where the boat for more than one hundred and fifty tons per tons banknote silver and five money, now agreed, where the boat for more than one hundred and fifty tons of silver per ton banknote money, less than one hundred and fifty tons, per ton satisfied silver money, the subsequent large French vessels imports, all now agreed that the number of lost satisfied. Right to renew properly set in the capital of China, France and imperial full minister his mark stamped in the birth of one thousand eight hundred and sixty years October 25, Xianfeng decade September 12.
these terms, see the Xianfeng Treaty, Volume 9, page 5-8. The French version, see "Customs and foreign treaties, volume 1, pages 885-890. the
the terms and conditions are signed in Beijing, often referred to as the "Treaty of Beijing.
Treaty Summary: In October in 1860, the Qing Dynasty imperial envoys Xin Yi the French Plenipotentiary gaylord in Beijing signed the Sino-French Treaty of Beijing. About formerly known as the "Sino-French Treaty of continuous growth, is on the end of the Second Opium War unequal treaties. A total of ten models. The main content: the recognition of the "Sino-French Treaty of Tianjin in full force and effect; claims increased to 800 million two; return of former French Catholic confiscated production. Contracting process, the Chinese version of the treaty as a translator of French missionaries Amy still arbitrarily increase the French missionaries and any lease or buy land in the provinces, the construction of everything they want. " In the French text, theory is not valid. But the invaders insisted that and later many lesson plans are related to the increase in the provisions of this paragraph private. This despicable means, it is rare in the history of international diplomacy. (L $ djτ.cōm)

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