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October 25.1874-Revolution pioneer Huang Xing was born

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October 25, 1874 (September 16) Awake, Revolution pioneer Huang Xing was born.

Revolution pioneer Huang Xing was born
Huangxing Guizang Yuelu Mountain "target =" _blank "> Huang Xing, formerly known as Zhen, word Keqiang. of Hunan the Shanhua (now Changsha) 1874 (Tongzhi thirteen years) October 25 Risheng.
1901 was sent to Japan in Tokyo Hirofumi College Division Fanke learning participation Founded the "Hunan traveling translated compiled in 1903, returned to Changsha February 15 the following year, initiated the establishment of Chen Tianhua, Song Hua Xing Hui, pushed for the president. November 16 planning Changsha uprising failed, desperate to Japan via Shanghai. (¦Ó¨­d¨¡y¨­¨½h¨© $ ¦Ó¨­ry.c¨­m) acquainted in July and
1905, Sun Yat-sen, the Chinese Alliance was established in Tokyo, he served as the implementation of the Ministry of General Affairs. the spring of 1907 to 1910, and Sun launched in Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangzhou several times uprising failed
Wuchang Uprising from Hong Kong, rushed to Wuchang, he served as the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army in Hankou Hanyang war with the Qing Guangfu Shanghai and other places to Shanghai Vice Marshal, presided over the north and south peace negotiations. Nanjing Provisional Government was established in 1912, Marshall became chief. interim government moved north staying Nanjing Jiangsu in July 1913 the Taoyuan Army Commander-in-Chief, Suzhou and other places Taoyuan failed to flee to Japan again. substandard views in Japan and the Sun Yat-sen, to the United States in 1914, still the National Protection Army to raise salaries for active anti-Yuan Yuan's death in 1916, back to Shanghai to restore the relationship with the Sun in Shanghai on October 31 died.

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