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October 25.1923-KMT held reorganization preparatory meeting

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October 25, 1923 (September 16) Guihai, the KMT held a restructuring of the preparatory meeting.

KMT held reorganization preparatory meeting
Kuomintang reorganization preparatory meeting participants posed for the front row for
Sun Yat-sen in 1923, Sun Yat-sen commissioned Liao Zhongkai, DENG Ze as held a special session of the reorganization of the Kuomintang in Guangzhou to discuss the restructuring plan. Cadres at all levels of about a hundred people attended. on
28, Liao Zhongkai announced at the meeting that the views of the Sun Yat-sen's: Assign Zhongkai, Hu Hanmin, Linsen, Tan Pingshan, DENG Ze as Yang Shu-worthy, Shuren, (1 $ djτ.cōm) Sun Ke, Wu Tiecheng etc. 9 temporary members of the Central Executive; Wang Jingwei, Li Dazhao, Xieying Bo Gu Ying-fen, Xu Chongzhi Provisional Central Executive Committee candidate, the formation of an interim Central Executive Committee, to hire Borodin as a consultant, go ahead and apply the matters of the reorganization of the Kuomintang.
meeting decided to restructure the work, including two aspects: First ideologically correct goal, the development of the old Three People's Principles for the new Three Principles of the People: revolutionization, is the implementation of the organization to remove the corrupt elements absorb the revolutionaries, change party member ingredients. After several rounds of talks, the representatives of Sun Yat-sen and the CPC Central Committee agreed Communists joined the Kuomintang in their personal capacity, to achieve bipartisanship to ensure rapid innovation KMT organization.

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