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October 25.1953-Yugoslavia and the Italian border tension

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October 25, 1953 (September 18) Kimi Yugoslavia tense border with Italy.

Yugoslavia and the Italian border tension
Tito issued a strongly worded speech, broke out in Belgrade anti-Italian demonstrations
1953 October 25, 2011. Yugoslavia accused the Italian proposal is obviously hypocritical, Trieste renewed tension. Italy had suggested that both countries withdraw their troops from the border.
both sides of the conflict took place in 1945, when Marshal Tito's forces to recover the building's former Italian port city of vested Yugoslavia. Trieste Italian south after the signing of the peace treaty provides for an independent and neutral free zone, and the area is divided into A, B two districts. The A area managed by the United States and the United Kingdom B zone controlled by Yugoslavia. On October 8, the United States and Britain announced that they decided to Zone A to the Italian control. This proposal are invited to the refusal of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Anti-Italian demonstrations broke out in the Soviet Union and Belgrade.
in August, Italy sent another army arrived in Trieste, northern border, to prevent Yugoslavia pocketed Area B, but Yugoslavia categorically denied that such an attempt. (L $ djτ.cōm) October 25,
, Yugoslavia statement stressed that, "it did not want confrontation with Italy, Yugoslavia reason to take the same kind of military action, taken Oct. 8 decision of the Anglo-American security measures. "
Yugoslav army is now ready to be occupied Zone A Tito said that if the Anglo-American bent, Yugoslavia is necessary to take action.

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