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October 25.1961-Ecuador discovered in South America's oldest human sites

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October 25, 1961 (September 16, 1901), found in South America's oldest human sites in Ecuador. In October 1961, 25 found in Quito twenty-three km southeast place of one of the earliest human sites in South America, the sites may belong to about a million years to fifteen thousand years ago, the human society .

scientific community is generally believed that the oldest inhabitants of the Americas is to move to in the the Paleolithic final (dating back thirteen thousand a Millennium or so) from the other continents. Throughout the Americas archaeological excavation has not found earlier cultural relics. Therefore, the discovery of cultural sites is important to study ancient human society of the Americas.
the ruins found in the seat of the ancient Indian commune melon Ilya Bam Pakistan Valley now have found the place of the human sites named Inga. According to excavations think, in ancient times, is now rarely navigable rivers in Ecuador, especially the Trans-melon Ilya Bam Pakistan Valley melon Ilya Bam Ba River, a lot of traffic, the two sides are very fertile, therefore, Prehistoric residents settled in there. There successively from north to south, the legacy of the spear, the top of the spear with spear body linked obsidian spearhead. Such a spearhead in the western United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama have been found in South America, but the first time found.

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