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October 25.1980-Seymour two countries plan to connect the Strait of Gibraltar

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October 25, 1980 (September 17) Gengshen Seymour two countries plan to connect the Strait of Gibraltar.

1980 10 25, the mouth of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean west like a natural moat cut off Europe and Africa two continents. In order to strengthen the dealings between the two continents, Spain and Morocco decided to join the construction of a bridge or undersea tunnel in the Strait of Gibraltar. The governments of the two countries will be meeting for a formal discussion.
According to reports, construction is ideal address the Moroccan side of Tangier. But the choice of the bridge or tunnel to communicate two continents has yet to be determined by the study of the two countries. According to 1978 statistics, the annual total of 70 million and 400 million tons of cargo through the Strait of Gibraltar. After the realization of the plan of the Strait of Gibraltar, the construction of a bridge or tunnel, traffic will greatly facilitate cross-strait exchanges. [Lssdjt.cn]

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