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October 25.1996-The writer Chen shortage of coal's death

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October 25, 1996, September 14 (Rat), the death of the writer Chen shortage of coal.

1996 10 25, 2009, the famous writer, literary theorist, film industry, Chen Huangmei, illness, died in Beijing at the age of 83.
Chen Huangmei formerly known as Chen Guang United States, Xiangyang, Hubei Province. Joined the Chinese Communist Youth League in 1927 and 1932 to participate in the the Wuhan leftist dramatists Union alliance and anti-imperialist culture, and joined the Communist Party of China. To Yan'an in 1938, and taught at the Lu Xun Literature Department. After the liberation, his long-term leadership in culture, film, literature and other departments and academic groups, and made great contributions to the development of new cultural undertakings. [L $ jτ.cń]
Chen shortage of coal production of more than half a century writing career, has created and published more than 20 novels, works of reportage, essays, literary criticism, and movie reviews, in Modern and Contemporary Chinese literary history and the history of cinema occupies an important position.
until his death, he also served as the positions of the Chinese Writers Association, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers' editor-in-chief, China Xia Yan Film Society, and was founded in May 1996 in the seriously ill during the first time awarded Xia Yan Film Honor Award. "

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