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November 3.1957-World War II hero Zhukov was removed from office

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November 3, 1957 (September 12), Ding, a hero of the Second World War, Zhukov was dismissed.

World War II hero Zhukov was removed from office
World War II hero Zhukov was removed from office
World War II hero Zhukov was removed from office
of Zhukov
Zhukov, Marshal of the Soviet Union, World War II, the Soviet Union's most important military commanders. He organized the battle of Leningrad, and directed the 1941 Battle of Moscow, and in December of the same year the German counterattack.
1953 years after Stalin's death, the new political leaders hope to get the support of the army, appointed Zhukov as Deputy Secretary of Defense. In 1955 Zhukov succeed Bulganin successor to Secretary of Defense. After Zhukov implemented a series of plans to improve the quality of its army. As a result of this effort to weaken the role of the party's political adviser, thus weakening the control of the Party over the army, his policy, his conflict with Khrushchev.
1957, Khrushchev and the senior commander of the Moscow Military District have held a meeting, may be to discuss the fate of Zhukov. Khrushchev, afraid of the power and prestige of the Honourable Secretary of Defense, initially planned to promote him to other positions, such as Deputy Prime Minister, this position may be deprived of his control of the military, and to avoid a public showdown. [1 $ djτ.cōm]
this day Zhukov directly from the airport to attend the meeting of the Bureau. He refused a meeting of his "upgrade", began a showdown. The debate for a long time, resulting Khrushchev and other people have accepted the invitation of the Iranian Embassy receptions twice had to postpone them to the meeting time. TASS published a communiqué of the meeting
Zhukov due to arrive in Moscow six hours after Moscow radio broadcast the news less than an hour later, as the fifteenth of the evening news programs. This brief notice published on the morning of November 3, a significant corner of the back page of Pravda, but to become a newspaper headline news around the world:
"the Supreme Soviet of the Bureau appointed Soviet Marshal Luo Jiang Jacob Wu Levic Malinowski Soviet Defense Minister. Bureau of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR removed from the duties of the Soviet defense minister, Soviet Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich · Zhukov. After
notice published within a week, Western observers have tried to analyze this mobilization. Some people think that Zhukov will be promoted, some people expected that he would be liquidated, some people from this mobilization seen Marshal Zhukov in an attempt to overthrow the existing regime. Moscow authorities to remain silent, nothing effective news blackout of the World newspaper.
Now things seem to have made it clear, that is: the blockade of the news that week, Zhukov and Khrushchev, behind closed doors, has launched a power struggle within the Central Committee. Soviet military newspaper articles published in the newspaper said the Kremlin is fierce internal struggle between the army and the party's new with the defense minister Malinowski control. "Red Star" tells the reader: "a senior soldier" fascinated by how military experience of his own success-minded manner, so committed a "serious error, for which he received a Party severe sanctions". (History cn) Navy magazine "Soviet fleet in a big military leaders made a similar criticism, it declares:" role in attempts to discredit the political organs in the army life must be firmly condemned . "This magazine is somewhat sharp statement," No matter how high the level of party members, dereliction of duty, not only can, but must he criticized the party's meeting. Of (Lssdjt.com) "
of Zhukov's main attack, he attempts to weaken the role of the party workers in the army (history com) and he publicly insisted for the cleaning of the Red Army Stalin leaders rehabilitated. In this chapter of Soviet history tragic Zhukov does not feel any responsibility, and other senior officers of the party, including Khrushchev, including, but apparently feel that they have a responsibility. Moreover, Zhukov may have mastered the secret documents related to the cleaning anti-party clique. Khrushchev is afraid of these files could harm him, Soviet citizens were likely to be between their own: "When Stalin cleaning party cadres, Khrushchev was doing? "
Zhukov and Stalin
, Zhukov

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