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November 3.1957-Satellite of the Soviet Union contained dog II God

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November 3, 1957 (September 12), Ding, 2 satellite of the Soviet Union contained dog heaven. animals

Satellite of the Soviet Union contained dog II God
space just six days heroes, they died in the desperate situation of being abandoned
beep came when the Soviet satellite has made Americans upset the occasion, contained forward to a dog called Lycra Satellite II on November 3, 1957 on the day. This is a Soviet people engage in unexpected trick. The puppy who tied then some instrument device can provide intelligence animal survival in outer space.
satellite II weight of 1120.29 pounds, Satellite-1 6 times, and is also equipped with more advanced than the satellite instrument for measuring cosmic rays, temperature, pressure, etc..
as biological space the Lycra, satellite acceleration and weightlessness does not it have any adverse impact, but it still died six days later, died of non-return-Sputnik when oxygen depletion.
In any case, this has been enough for the entire United States public outcry. The emergence of a dog in a satellite II, clearly shows that the Soviets eventually put a man on the moon. Most Americans have been determined to defeat the Soviet Union on a desolate moon, they have not be tolerated in the United States lagging behind in the space race. Pittsburgh Business News has a headline, pleaded: "Ike, to launch satellites. "
Sure enough, on December 6, a month after the United States launched the first satellite, but tragically exploded launch.
people watched, troubled Section II of the U.S. Navy pioneers missile was placed first on the pioneers missile was erected in Kara Villars missile on the launch pad. On December 6, the first satellite launch this rocket. Contains satellite pioneer in rocket took off for two seconds after the explosion. Fortunately, the satellite is not damaged, and continue to send a signal to American public opinion in this failure is unfortunate stigma. Then, on the 16th of the same month, the United States immediately launched ICBMs Atlas No. (after the Soviet Union announced on August 26 intercontinental missile successfully tested, and declared that surpassed the United States in the state-of-the-art military technology, (lsjt.org) while the United States June 2 launch of ICBMs by failed), the number of save a little face.

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