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November 3.1987-The death of writer Liang Shih-chiu

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(On September 12 Dingmao), November 3, 1987, death of writer Liang Shih-chiu.

The death of writer Liang Shih-chiu
The death of writer Liang Shih-chiu
The death of writer Liang Shih-chiu
The death of writer Liang Shih-chiu
The death of writer Liang Shih-chiu
Cheng Jishu prenuptial photo
1987, the death of a famous writer Liang Shih-chiu "target =" _blank "> the Mr. Liang Shiqiu illness died in Taiwan.
Mr. Liang Shiqiu was born in Beijing, early study in the United States, had after returning to teach at Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities, and engaged in translation work, is one of the chief commander of the "New Moon" magazine in the early 1930s, he went to Taiwan in 1949, and served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts of National Taiwan Normal University, the creation of the Centre and the English Institute of English teaching in Taiwan. useful to study English literature with the history of English literature and British literature election, is also known for his essays, "Yashe by his editor Far East English Dictionary, welcomed by the majority of English fans. (lssjt.cn)
Liang Shih-chiu was born in the old official family, childhood accustomed aristocratic life, with the low-level of hunger and cold banning his conservative thinking against the tide of history. Leftist Association of fierce controversy in the early 1930s, ended in failure, "the house of mourning dog", "capitalist running dog" notoriety. 1940s, he rewrote the prose comedy, reached a high artistic level, he wrote "Jascha Pieces" in Hong Kong and Taiwan, has been reprinted 50 times. laid the status of his prose in this book.
Liang Shih-chiu in his later years, he moved to the United States and obtain long-term residence permit, but he has not become an American citizen. patriotic feelings of homesickness, he gave up a U.S. "green card", returned to Taipei dignity. Thereafter, he wrote a lot of prose nostalgic hometown to express his sentimental attachment to the mainland.
as modern essayist, Liang calm, accessible, humorous personality, led to a unique tone of the text, this text tone, especially to meet the middle-aged mind art handling, character shading, text white, Refined he handled very decent, quite demeanor.
Liang Shih-chiu and father Liang Xian Xi
and Cheng Jishu in Taipei On Tung Street apartment
the Den newspaper reading
85-year-old birthday Han Jingqing

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