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January 19.1929-Liang Qichao's death, one of the main leaders of the Reform Movement

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(Boshin the twelfth lunar month, the ninth day), January 19, 1929, the death of one of the main leaders of the Reform Movement Liang Qichao.

Liang Qichao's death, one of the main leaders of the Reform Movement
Liang Qichao's death, one of the main leaders of the Reform Movement
Liang Qichao's death, one of the main leaders of the Reform Movement
the Liang Qichao like
Liang Qichao of Modern the famous Constitutional Movement politicians and brilliant scholar. At the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital on January 19, 1929, he passed away, aged 56 years old. The sorrow News outgoing, politics and academia are deeply deplore. People from all walks of life, respectively, held a memorial service in the the Beijing Guang-Hui Temple and Shanghai Jing'an Temple. Feng Yuxiang, said he "was as big as the sea"; Hou Chung Ngok he alone pull Shenzhou crisis, righteousness will never die "; Wangwen Ru reputation of the fathers of the revolution, which is called" the group flow model, vancomycin rivers "; Tang pythons said he was" open atmosphere of the first in China, Gong is not in the Sun (Zhongshan) yellow (Hing). All these lengthy words of praise, Liang in China's modern history, especially the constitutional movement in a huge show. (Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
Liang Qichao, word Zhuoru number any public, Xinhui, Guangdong Province. His 11-year-old into a scholar, the lifts, the 16-year-old, known as the "Lingnan Wizards. In the spring of 1895, when he went to Beijing to sit, (Lssdjt.com) are catching up with Japan forced the Qing government to sign the Treaty of Shimonoseki news reached Beijing defeat in the Sino-Japanese War, the 18 provinces of the imperial will try 1200 lifts, (1 $ djτ.cōm) unanimously elected Kang and Liang letter to the court. Played in their manifesto written book, the three refused and moved the capital and political reform "advocates. This great feat known as "Bus letter", a sensation throughout China.
Since then, Liang Qichao swore the Goldbond nominated "Hung Wang", to join the political movement in Restoration contradictory began his political career. He initially as Kang assistant, is the backbone of the reformists in the battle of the die-hards, he Bifeng sharp, "Current Affairs" on their sponsored a series of political reform advocate, a worthy fighter in the liberation of the tide of Modern Chinese Thought . However, after the failure of the Reform Movement, during exile in turn become fanatical royalist believers, not only abandoned the idea of ​​revolution, and to the leaders of the constitutionalists itself (history today. Com) and to Sun Yat-sen as the representative of the KMT launched the controversy. Soon, (1 $ djτ.cōm) from which he maintenance monarchy turned to the support of Yuan Shikai. Anti-Yuan movement he instigated CaiE to pour Yuan. Protect the country and the war, he, as leader of the Progressive Party, public author accused his mentor Kang Youwei the restoration of the monarchy, a complete break with Kang Youwei. "May Fourth Movement, Liang Qichao again raging tides of the Chinese people against imperialism and feudalism won constitutional prescriptions, singing" improved by a declaration of war to the KMT, the contest with communism person, in science and looking eclecticism, metaphysics seek a "third party" outside the KMT and the CPC. in
in 1910 -1911 constitutional movement climax, Liang Qichao were published in article 87, which discusses the constitutional government of more than 50 articles. His constitutional theory system involves political, economic, and cultural history, Buddhism, sociology and other fields, he edited the "Ice Bar Collection of 148 volumes, more than 15 million words, is a monumental work after 36 years to join the campaign for improved used to produce drinking ice episode, ten thousand, a million times, widely read people "social impact.

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