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October 29.1977-The death of famous writer, educator Chen Wangdao

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October 29, 1977 (, Dimba September 17), the death of the famous writer, educator Wangdao.

The death of famous writer, educator Chen Wangdao
1977 October 29, 2010, the death of the famous writer, educator Wangdao.
Chen Wangdao, formerly known as Chen Shen. Born in 1890. Zhejiang Yiwu, the early years studying in Japan after returning home in 1919 to engage in the activities of the New Culture Movement and promote Marxism in 1920 to participate in the creation of a the Shanghai communist group, any of the "New Youth" magazine editor, translated and published the "Communist Manifesto" first a Chinese translation. 1923 to 1927, he was appointed Head of the Department of Shanghai University of Chinese provost. In December 1926, the manuscript of the "Introduction to Aesthetics published by Shanghai enlighten the people bookstores, thirties" public language "movement initiated with Lu Xun et al. Published in 1932 "Rhetoric hair where. The War of Resistance Against Japan to participate in the cultural sector Salvation Association. Former Anhui University professor, Guangxi University, director of the Chinese Language, Fudan University News Head of the Department of Culture and College Dean and other staff. After the founding of New China, served as president of Fudan University (l $ jτ.cń) rank of Philosophy and Social Sciences academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese characters Reform Committee, President of the Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Shanghai Language Society president, for the first , second, third and fourth National People's Congress on behalf of the Fourth National People's Congress Standing Committee, the Standing Committee of the fourth session of the CPPCC National Committee, the NLD vice chairman of the Central Committee, and editor of the "Ci Hai". Died October 29, 1977. [History. Cn]

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