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November 3.1998-Chengdu Funan works for the United Nations Habitat Award

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November 3, 1998 (September 15) Tiger years, Chengdu Funan works for the United Nations Habitat Award.

1998, multiple projects in multiple countries compete, the jury of relevant experts repeatedly review, Chengdu Funan comprehensive renovation project won the 1998 United Nations Habitat Award.
Habitat Award is set by the collective and the individual, and the project of the United Nations have made outstanding contributions to the field of human settlements development awards in the world's highest award.
It is understood that surrounded Chengdu government and Nan rivers due to disrepair, causing the embankment collapsed, blockage of river channels, serious pollution, flooding, people called "rotten River." seriously restricting the Chengdu economic and social development, and compromise along the Minjiang River middle and lower reaches of millions of people's lives and health, the people expressed strong. (Lsjt.org)
1993 Chengdu municipal government to accept the recommendations of the masses, decided to overhaul the Funan. Successively took five years, a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan, nearly 4.5 million square meters of new residential Funan coast 100,000 shantytown residents moving into new homes, and greatly improved their living space and environment. 18, in Funan on New and rebuilt bridge, built dams 5, Pier 12, 16 kilometers of dredging, river flood capacity doubling, the eradication of urban flooding. Number of polluting enterprises moved outside the city industrial zone transformation, cut off the source of pollution; river laying of 26 km of sewage mains, the original urban industrial wastewater directly discharged into the river and sewage closure centralized conveying wastewater treatment plant to purify the city water surface of 850 hectares . 400 acres along the river open up green space, the riverside green belts embellished with different features small Parkview, distribution of garden ornaments and sculpture garden, the city greatly changed the face. In addition, built to protect river channel of 41 km, to ease the tight city traffic. Funan now has become a new scenic spot for a leisurely stroll by the people of Chengdu. (Lssdjt.com)

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