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February 12.1904-Qing government announced strict neutrality in the Russo-Japanese War

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(Mao twelfth lunar month 27), February 12, 1904, the Qing government announced strict neutrality in the Russo-Japanese War.

Qing government announced strict neutrality in the Russo-Japanese War
1900, the outbreak of the Boxer Rebellion in China, the Tsarist Russia took the opportunity to send troops occupied throughout the Northeast, attempted appropriation, has been accused of the Chinese people resolutely oppose and world opinion. Japan took the opportunity to enter into anti-Russian military alliance with the United Kingdom, Russia to the withdrawal of the occupation forces in northeast China, the negotiations no results. Japan will rely on the financial assistance of the British military support, and Britain and other countries, dispatched naval attack on the Pacific Fleet moored in Port Arthur, Tsarist Russia, and sank Russian warships Incheon in Korea on February 8, 1904. On February 10 at the same time, Japan and Russia then declared war. after the
the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war, Japan actually asked the Qing government in the three northeastern provinces outside of strict neutrality, so out of the northeast region for the battlefield, sit back and watch in China, Japan and Russia to compete in China's sphere of influence and killing one. Extremely corrupt Qing government is unable to restrain the warring parties announced "Neutralism of" humiliation.
1905, in the United States, Japan and Russia signed the Portsmouth Peace Treaty ", carrying a Chinese, unauthorized" spheres of influence "in China Northeast division. According to the treaty, Russia will past occupation of the southern half of Sakhalin (latitude 50 degrees south) and near all the islands ceded to Japan, Lushun, Dalian and near the territorial waters of the lease the right to give Japan, Russia also acknowledged North Korea for Japan "to protect the country. After the signing of the treaty, Japan, Russia forced the Qing government to immediately give admit. In December 1905, under pressure from Japan, the Qing government signed with Japan in the day meeting of the Northeast matters Treaty, in addition to an interview with Japan, Russia and all the provisions of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty ", in addition to Japan some interests. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)

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