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November 1.1120-Song Jiangnan Fang La Uprising

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Ninth day of October (Boxer), November 1, 1120, of Northern Song Jiangnan Fang La uprising. The rebel army

Song Jiangnan Fang La Uprising
occupation of the six states of the large-scale armed Fifty-two counties
Northern Song Dynasty declared and 2002 (1120) to four, Fang La led a Liangzhe farmers, ruled against the Song Dynasty corruption struggle.
End of Northern Song Huizong Zhao Ji dissolute corruption. The Song court blindly summation, Liao and Xixia lose silk satisfied coins. Settings Bong Bureau, the "pretentious Bureau" wanton plunder, causing farmers farm rents heavy burden of taxes and corvee not survive. (Declared and October 2002, the ninth day), November 1, 1120, Qingxi (Zhejiang Chunan Northwest) workers (some say paint park owner) Fang La, pretexting "Detian operator dispatch, calling for a popular uprising. November started, Fang La in rugged terrain Qingxi northwest to help source hole the establishment of the regime reign Yongle, claiming to be Anglican. The volunteers to Robin Hood, the fight against government troops, got wind of the four townships response, Xunri between the congregation to tens of thousands of. the 22nd,
Liangzhe military forces are monitoring Cai Zun Yan the frank GuanJun 5000 Go repression. Volunteers to feign retreat the Qingxi northwest-bearing pit to ambush to wipe out. Fang La exploit a victory to mobilize people Dongjin overcome Qingxi, to directly towards Muzhou (now of Jiande Northeast plum towns), known to the state to abandon the city emblem words escape. In the first two days of December, the volunteer army into Muzhou repression corrupt officials opening the poor. Spin divide our forces on the two northbound the Eastern Group march Hangzhou; the Fang La QinLv Route Army to attack Shezhou (now Anhui Shexian),. On the 20th, the Fang La Army arrived Xizhou City defender Guo division led his troops in battle, annihilated, the people welcome volunteers to Kaesong. Then Fang La Qianjun a North hit Ningguo, Xuancheng (now Anhui the Ningguo XuanZhou); since the rate of the main east into Hangzhou City, joined forces with the Eastern Group, the prefect Zhaoting fear the war to abandon the city to escape. 29 volunteers to overcome outside stronghold. That night, to Hangzhou attack. Yijun torch Huxin bronze mirror the firelight flashing, government troops that magic arrival rushed to escape. Yijun broken city, killing Liangzhe Zhizhi Shi Chen Chien and Lianfang Shi Zhao about. The momentum then 分兵 onslaught, the to grams Jie, attack and occupation of 6 State 52 counties, massive. When Suzhou, Jiangsu) Shisheng, owned by Ann (now Zhejiang Huzhou) Chocobo children (this is also to mobilize people to respond to. the first month, seventh day,
three Huizong smell Hangzhou fall, Fang La emissary summon somebody to surrender. Undo Jervois the "pretentious Bureau, outage flower stone Gang to lax rebel army morale. While life Tong Guan XuanFuShi Jiangsu and Zhejiang Huainan, Liu Yanqing for Xuanfuci all statist Wang intrinsic statist, shuaibing 150,000 hardships south, the suppression of the Rebel. Government troops since Jiangning (now Nanjing) 分兵 two, threw herself in Hangzhou, Xi two states. The Tong Guan Army goes to show the state (in Jiaxing, Zhejiang), a party to the case of the Rebel generals led his army to 60,000 Chilbulbong siege and encirclement of the Rebel defenders that show the state. The party Chilbulbong unprepared, retreat According to Hangzhou. The seventh day of February, Song show state of sub-sea and land arrived in Hangzhou, summon somebody to surrender Fang La unsuccessful, then withdraw Wai feign retreat. Volunteers to kill the ambush, lost back to the city, surrounded off aid. Fang La mobilize people fighting hard for several days, the amount of the city is hard to defend, so that all the batches breakout was Song resistance kill losses. 18, Song captured Hangzhou. In early March, the volunteer army to Hangzhou counterattack losing spin stick to help source back into the hole, according to risk. After Song set soldiers punch volunteer army attacked front and rear, encircled more than 70,000 public killed in the Fang La captivity, in Tokyo in August (now Kaifeng) martyrdom. Yijun remnants fought in eastern Zhejiang, to March 2004 have been suppressed, the uprising ended.
Review: Song Jiang did not participate in the repression Fang La Uprising. Song Jiang history is not toward Tingzhao An surrender, but the defeat of the sky, and defeated the Song Jiang Zhang Shu Ye only thousands, this strength with Song Jiang, the court could not send him to the millions of soldiers crusade Fang La Fang La Uprising Although the military claims to one million, but they have not received formal training, the lack of a unified command, eventually Song all broken up. The Song Jiang crusade Fang La, there is no historical basis, only the novelist's fictional.

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