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November 1.1902-The Norwegian writer Grieg was born

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November 1, 1902 (Renyin year in October, the first two days), the writer of Norway Grieg was born.

Grieg was born in Bergen on November 1, 1902. Norwegian writer.
youth studying in Oslo and Oxford, good travel. The novel, published in 1924 describing the lives of seafarers ship in advance. From 1926 to 1927 served as a war correspondent in China, after returning to write the screenplay "Barabas" revolutionary situation in China was introduced to the the Norwegian readers and audience. The novel, published in 1938, the world was still young, and description of knowledge during their stay in the Soviet Union in 1932-1934. The screenplay "failure" was published in 1937, based on the author to participate in the experience of the Spanish Civil War. He patriotism writer. Poetry in our hearts, Norway ", expressed the love his motherland hot. During World War II, in the Norwegian army Renjun Guan, with the Norwegian government in exile to Britain to war, his poetry and radio talk horn became the Norwegian freedom ring. December 2, 1943, to participate in air strikes in Berlin sacrifice.

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