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February 14.1912-People's musician Nie Er's birthday

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February 14, 1912 (Xinhai twelfth lunar month 27), the People's musician Nie Er's birthday. since the In 14,

People's musician Nie Er's birthday
People's musician Nie Er's birthday
People's musician Nie Er's birthday
1912 People's musician Nie Er's birthday "target =" _blank "> Nie Er was born in Kunming. (TodayinHistory.cn)
founding of the People's musician Nie Er birthday , the music industry has been considered to be February 15, once this day as the Chinese Music Festival after after careful checking, Nie Er's birthday is February 14, this error is because the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar projection is not accurate enough due.
Nie Er our people are familiar with the musicians, from August 1932 to November, in Beijing (then called Beiping) living this life, though not long, but for him ideologically, towards maturity has an important impact on the art of hardworking
Nie Er art life, came to Beijing, he had brought the beloved violin. arrived in Beijing the same day, he arranged for housing, talking with friends, travel Zhongshan Park 22:00 back to the residence, but still have not forgotten the piano, his day diary says: 10:00 back, playing the violin. "to Beijing after the third day, his hands on the broken wood do a music stand, put in the box above, put the sheet music, pull up the basic exercises. Nie Er live hut dark tide, musty smoked nose, a lot of mosquitoes, especially in his piano, piano strings buzzing provoke a lot of mosquitoes. every day, his face, neck and arms have ten mosquito bites scars. Sometimes, he really did not, but go to the acacia trees in the courtyard under the piano. < ; br> mid-April 9, Nie Er, applied for the Peking Institute of the Arts Department of Music, in the papers, "the party-defined questions, write" the national calamity interim study art student's responsibility, in Chinese questions & rdquo ;, wrote the "spirit of sustenance", the first test that the Poor "(TodayinHistory.cn)
this failure, (TodayinHistory.cn) did Nie Er discouraged, he found foreign teachers in Beijing Tuonuo Fu - a well-known professor of violin. (lssjt.cn) Tuonuo Fu taught Xian Xinghai and Liu Tianhua, but he charges high. Nie Er for Toushi famous live frugally during the learning the request of the teacher, and his own experience streaked written in a notebook but can not afford the high tuition fees, he was only on four courses, dropped out, farewell, Tuonuo Fu regret Nie ear said: "You are a top-smart kids, your future the violin will pull well."
In addition to learning the violin, Nie Er in Beijing also attaches great importance to learning northern folk music, he has to go heard drums and other the northern folk art, several flyovers to listen to a concert of folk artists, seen rich performances together into Coban he was like a sponge - fully absorb nutrition of knowledge, enrich their own artistic accumulation
Nie Er was in Beijing, a time when the "9.18" Incident anniversary, the Patriotic Movement of the Beijing students and the masses boom has also attracted him. Nie Er enthusiastically participated in the progressive literary movement in Beijing. 6 February, Nie Er farewell to Beijing to return to Shanghai in early 1933, he introduced by Tian Han and Xia Yan, joined the Communist Party of China, and the same year began his revolutionary songwriting in his two years and write a graduation song "Heading song," Anthem, "a number of outstanding works for the cause of liberation of the Chinese nation and the development of Chinese music, made a huge contribution.
Nie Er family left sat on the floor by Nie Er < br>
just learning the violin, Nie Er and friends the of Zhang Geng Hou
Nie Er ^ 39 ^ mp3 "name =" mediaplayerfile "Graduation Song" Nie Er

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