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November 1.1984-China and the United Arab Emirates established diplomatic relations

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Ninth (October JiaZi -), November 1, 1984, to establish diplomatic relations between China and the United Arab Emirates.

United Arab Emirates, the Gulf South Bank is located in the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah seven emirate, the oil-rich "oil sea Seven Jane Fitch. An area of ​​83,600 square kilometers. Population of 2,083,000 (1993), the local Arabs account for only 1/3, the other mainly immigrants from Pakistan, India, Iran and other places. The official language is Arabic, English is widely spoken. The residents are Muslim. Capital Abu Dhabi. Developed rich in oil and natural gas resources, agriculture, food 95% rely on imports. The Government's efforts to implement a diversified economic development policies. In 1993, the per capita national income of $ 17,200, the highest in the world. The main agricultural products are vegetables, dates, corn and beans. Breeding sheep, cattle, camels. Oil exploitation of a dominant position in the national economy, in addition to the steel, cement, liquefied natural gas, aluminum and other industries. Exports of crude oil and petroleum products, natural gas and a small amount of local products; food imports, machinery and consumer goods. Railways, among the emirate roads connecting a total length of 2870 km of roads. There are various deep-water port and international airport. 7th century under the Arab Empire. 16th century (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) Portugal, Netherlands, (TodayinHistory.cn) France have invaded. 1820 British invasion force chiefs signed a "permanent truce treaty", became a British protectorate. In March 1971, (lsjt.org), Britain announced the signing of the treaty with the Gulf emirate terminated at the end of the year. December 2, 1971 (National Day), the United Arab Emirates was proclaimed. Pursuing a neutral, non-aligned policy. Adhere to the good-neighborly and friendly foreign policy of peace. November 1, 1984 to establish diplomatic relations with China.

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