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November 1.1984-Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India

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Ninth (October JiaZi -), November 1, 1984, as India's Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India
Rajiv ruling factions everywhere India
1984 November 1, 2010, Rajiv Gandhi in New Delhi, was sworn in as Prime Minister. He was 48 years old, was selected to succeed his late thorn mother. The other side of the Yamuna River, a Sikhs living in the slums, at least 95 Sikh body was found, there are many indications that the new prime minister will face numerous political issues. The Indian army also ordered stationed in the other nine cities. Between the Sikh and Hindu religious war has claimed the lives of at least 1,000 people since the British - Gandhi was assassinated.
to attend the funeral of Indira Gandhi, the United States Secretary of State George - Schultz guarantee to the new Prime Minister, the United States, "a strong, stable India are interested. U.S. support for Pakistan, US-India relations have been strained. Schultz called on to seek "a new positive development in bilateral relations. [L $ djτ.cōm]

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