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November 1.1986-ʿɣ chemical plant explosion

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November 1, 1986 (September 29) Bingyin, ʿɣ chemical plant explosion. November 1, 2011,

1986 956 Warehouse the (the l $ j.c) Switzerland Basel Sang Duozi chemical plant, in a violent explosion into a sea of ​​fire. The simple construction
warehouse for storing machinery and equipment and construction in 1968, with an area of ​​6,000 square meters, and fire extinguishing equipment. When the explosion occurred, the warehouse holds 824 tons of effective insecticides, 71 tons of herbicides, 12 tons of mercury compounds as well as four tons of illegal storage of flammable and toxic mixture. Shangcuan pillar of fire was up to 60 meters drums filled with chemicals continue to be an explosion, a fireball bomb to high-altitude. A few hours into the 160 firefighters and fire fighting, almost every minute of every two fire extinguishing liquid sprayed into the fire. The radio broadcast alarm messages, and residents were told not to leave the residence. Police cars continue to patrol the streets and make the announcement: residents should the doors and windows closed. The Chemical Factory Warehouse
Sang Duozi bombings, brought huge ecological disaster. The accident occurred two days after, Basel and Karlsruhe reach 150,000 eels were unexpected calamities, this river eel brink of extinction. It is anticipated not only the fire brought an ecological chemical disaster, fire extinguishing itself, damage to the environment is no exception. Extinguishing liquid in case of high-temperature chemical reaction generates harmful gases. Used to a large number of fire-fighting water through drainage channels 10-30 tons of pesticides and at least 200 kilograms of mercury into the nearby Rhine, so that people for generations praise rivers within a few hundred kilometers in biological gradually died. (1 $ dj.cm)
the Rhine Alps, a total length of 1320 km, flows through Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands into the North Sea by the Dutch Bay, this pollution makes up to 40 km Rhine on the river, covered with a layer of thin film formed by toxic substances. Toxic substances down the river, and finally to make the North Sea also inevitably suffer the harm of pollution.
this pollution to coastal countries brought losses of $ 60 million, the borders of Germany and Switzerland, Baden fisheries due to pollution damage amounted to $ 5,000,000, in later years, the Rhine where no fish may be harvested. The official warned the people of the coastal areas is not allowed to drink Rhine water. The French government banned their fishermen to the river fishing, grazing animals are not allowed in the riverine areas. German residents of several towns rely on the fire truck carrying water supply.
Rhine has always been beautiful scenery, people aspire tourist destination. The pollution that tourism also suffered a serious blow. Rhine history never happened such a big disaster. So called the accident "the water industry Chernobyl.

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