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November 2.1905-Japan enacted the ban Chinese students Rules

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In (, Otomi October sixth days), November 2, 1905, Japan enacted a ban Chinese students Rules. in the, Chinese students

Japan enacted the ban Chinese students Rules
1905, Japan November 2, 2011, the Japanese Ministry of Education many have suggested, the Qing government requirements, promulgated the rules clear people admitted in public and private schools. Chinese students has increased to 8,000 in 1905, and the increasingly strong revolutionary tendencies. The Japanese government should Qing government force seeking to strengthen bundle for Chinese students. April, the Ministry of Education, once Instructions of the respective school principals, claiming more and more clear for people in the state to study, which some people may talk of their political improper act as parenting Qing Dynasty student post must be profound attention to this point, so that they Without loss of student duty. Aroused strong opposition of the Chinese students after the promulgation of the Rules, the attendant set off a vigorous struggle. November 27, students in Japan resolutions Yang Shu, a letter to the ambassador to Japan, the Qing government, set out in detail the grounds for the request to cancel the "Rules of the ninth, twelve.

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