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November 3.1908-The birth of the painter Wu Zuoren

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November 3, 1908 (, Shigenobu In October the tenth), was born painter Wu Zuoren.

The birth of the painter Wu Zuoren
The birth of the painter Wu Zuoren
The birth of the painter Wu Zuoren
The birth of the painter Wu Zuoren
The birth of the painter Wu Zuoren
Wu Zuoren was born "target =" _blank "> the Wu Zuoren
Wu Zuoren is the the modern most famous master of Chinese painting and oil painting, and art educator. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) was Xu Beihong as" the Chinese art scene representative of one of his paintings, "Qi Baishi like" Zhibai keep black "is considered to be immortal work.
Wu Zuoren origin, Jing County, Anhui Province, November 3, 1908 Born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province City, grandfather smelled good draw names in Suzhou since childhood, studying in Suzhou. admitted to the Shanghai University of the Arts in 1927 and later transferred to the Shanghai Southland Art Institute, and joined the southern community, participate in drama, stage design and accompaniment to go in 1928 Nanjing Central University Department of Fine Arts, studied painting at the Xu Beihong studio at the same time get of Xu Beihong the appreciation and teachings, funded Xu in 1929 to encourage the next Europe Postgraduate excellent sketch scores first admitted to the Paris Higher School of Fine Arts Professor Simon Studio after was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium, by the president of the hospital, the famous European realist painter Bath days of rigorous training, proven track record, and in 1931 the Gold Medal of the hospital-wide painting competitions.
in 1935, Xu Beihong the invitation to return to China, he was a lecturer in the Fine Arts Department of the Central University, Professor (L $ djτ.cōm) 1937 Sino-Japanese War broke out in Chongqing organize young painter set up a field sketching group to the anti-Japanese front-line conduct art activities in 1943 went to Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Xikang travel sketches, and held a personal exhibition
after the liberation served as Dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, vice dean and dean in 1985 by the French Government and the Ministry of Culture awarded the highest literary and artistic Medal 1988 King of Belgium was awarded the Medal of the crown-class. (the L $ djτ.cōm) Wu Zuoren Chinese painters are two honor. before the death of the Chairman, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, vice-chairman of the Chinese Artists' Association. died in the spring of 1997.
the Wu Zuoren art creative melting ancient, today, the West in a furnace, Chinese and Western painting have a deep skill his superb painting techniques, compositions are unique, concise way, and strong performance, rich flavor of life. works both rich traditional painting features a distinctive Chinese art charm and ethnic style of his Chinese painting purposive natural, subtle and chic pen and ink, make good use of the than Hing substance, concise style concise, Qingming smooth novel composition vast realm Profound. < ; br> accurate modeling of his artistic image, demeanor truly unified with elegant and plain, and soft on the outside just personal style. Creative ideas on fine arts-oriented life, innovation, tradition, individuality, creating mood animal theme on 40 era the painting rhino and camel, 1950s painting panda painting goldfish in the 1970s. his calligraphy smooth, thick, both graceful, vigorous beauty. works of Wu Zuoren inflow of overseas markets is not for sale in Hong Kong mainly two types of theme painting works , a class of goldfish, the other is the Panda, the occasional painting painting for sale in September 1989 "Chongqing" sold for HK $ 120,000, the price has been high, the Chinese oil painting in this period can be sold for the price considered rare.
painting works in 1986 a "Hexi ranch leapt to the 100,000 mark, a very considerable. goldfish painting was very popular among collectors price is HK $ 40,000 in 1987 , 1989 is HK $ 50,000 and HK $ 60,500 in March 1990, November 1990 was HK $ 66,000, the price to rise slowly, the auction in October 1993, eight goldfish Figure 20.7 million, four times the price surge visible the Wu Zuoren goldfish Figure collectible value. panda painting price to HK $ 50,000 up and down in 1990, in recent years, no sale.
"scenery here is fine," 1985
"Pool Fun" 1978
"turned out the" 1973
"Sanmenxia 1955,

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