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February 12.1923-Of mathematicians Zhou Yulin born

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February 12, 1923 (Saigon twelfth lunar month 27), born mathematician Zhou Yulin in China.

Of mathematicians Zhou Yulin born
Zhou Yulin born "target =" _blank "> Zhou Yulin (1923 -), the research achievements in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics, the Award of Hua mathematical.
Zhou Yulin Zhejiang origin Zhenhai, born in Shanghai in 1945, graduated from the Department of Mathematics, University of Shanghai Datong Soviet Moscow State University, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of physical and mathematical sciences, vice doctorate in 1957, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics researcher of the non-line sexual parabolic nonlinear elliptic equations with soliton solutions of nonlinear divergence equation (s), the system's long-term research, made a series of complete and profound results, and made important contributions to the Landau-Lifshitz-type The equation of a comprehensive study by a well-known scholar of great importance. research in computational mathematics, fluid mechanics, and its calculation method has yielded fruitful results. complete set up of the basic theory of discrete functional analysis and partial differential equations in the interpolation inequality used in the theory of finite difference (history. cn) 1991 was elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (academician)

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