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November 3.1918-Germany Kiel sailors uprising

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November 3, 1918 (September 30), Wu Wu, Kiel, Germany, sailors uprising. The Navy team

Germany Kiel sailors uprising
Germany Kiel sailors uprising
uprising row growth columns, filed into the palace of William II Reference 1918 10, (lsjt.net) World War I near the end, Germany has the last word, But the the German ruling clique still desperate struggle. On October 25, the Navy Command ordered the German port of Kiel ocean-going fleet to sea with the British combat, and failing gloriously sunk. 80,000 sailors in the port of Kiel refused to weigh anchor and warships put out the fire. Sailors boycott forced the German naval authorities to recover the command, but the sailors were persecuted, and hundreds of people were arrested. In
11 sailors took to Kiel street demonstrations to protest the naval authorities, demanding the release of arrested persons. The demonstrators then developed into an armed uprising, The sailors lifted officer armed, and quickly occupied the strategic location, control of the whole city. The workers also held the armed uprising in response, and the establishment of the Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies. Evening of 4, of Kiel and near suburbs are insurgents occupied. In the 5th Kiel whole city, a general strike to support the sailors uprising. Kiel Harbour sailors uprising to signal German Revolution broke out in November, the revolution spread rapidly across the country. November 8, almost all major cities in Germany have taken place in the armed uprising, the establishment of the Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies. The uprising is the starting point of the German November revolution, but also result in Germany was forced to announce a truce, the end of the First World War. In In November 1919, the port of Kiel 80,000 sailors uprising, the establishment of the Soviets in the country, and sounded the horn of the German November revolution, November 9, soldiers returning from the front lines waving the red flag to enter Berlin, joined the revolutionary ranks.

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