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November 3.1954-Western modern art masters Matisse's death

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(Jiawu October eighth day), November 3, 1954, death of Western modern art masters Matisse.

Western modern art masters Matisse's death
Western modern art masters Matisse's death
Western modern art masters Matisse's death
Western modern art masters Matisse's death
Western modern art masters Matisse's death
"Pink Nude" 1935
the death of Henri Matisse "target =" _blank "> Matisse was born in the south of France on December 31, 1869 Le card multi-town.
Matisse enrolled in academic painter Bouguereau under the door, followed by the traditional laws of personal interest and teacher at odds 1892 transferred to the symbolism painting first in the National Fine Arts Alliance Salon "public display, to be successful, (Lssdjt.com) budding Matisse married two years later, his wife is a meek and virtuous female painter long-cherished wish come true, try the creations of sculpture and paintings gap.
; 1896-1904 period artists looking for a new direction. Matisse inner germinating innovative ideas to start watching the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Impressionist works, you want to absorb nutrients from a variety of styles for some time, he went to the streets, coffee painted numerous paintings to the Museum and other places; Pissarro, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Signac painter's technique of expression, so he's familiar color characteristics, Cezanne skills to promote him to study new techniques 1899 Matisse landscapes, portraits, still lifes and old differ materially from the simplicity of the shape of the color of the bright teacher Morrow am rather surprised that the beginning of the 20th century, he seems to strongly expressive color wake. began with exaggerated colors and bold strokes to create forms, to 1903, with a clear "Fauvism" features works will advance in his pen. kind of work at first glance seems hasty extensive, in fact, graffiti "being shown the acumen and creativity of the painter: colors directly from the paint tube extrusion, the intention has been not a reproduction of objects and objective visual real it into the paint pursuit of inner emotions and means of self-expression, and explored in the form of a new kind of the color motion constraints painting space. Fauvism ultimately negate the western variety of traditional forms and the aesthetic habits, to achieve the liberation of color dynamically driven modeling abstract art. Matisse is also of fundamental reform in the form of, find their own path.
regret Fauvism prevailed only three years during which opponents of curses come and go, Matisse also been to a strong attack, but fortunately there are several collectors discerning bulk purchase of his works, Matisse moment worth a hundred times.
1906, Matisse's artistic creations into a prolific period of his solo exhibition in removed exhibited in Paris, New York, Moscow, London, Stockholm, Berlin and other cities. he also took the opportunity to travel to Europe, North Africa, Festival around the art of seeking a new source of inspiration and he became one of the most active painter of the international art world. since 1914 Matisse mid-to the southern port of Nice for the winter, many of the works performed in a quiet studio, indoor woman and still life is the subject of his favorite paintings painter bored, tireless research with various shades between relationship, looking for new tips on styling, colorful but not flashy, bold strokes, but not wild, the Fauvism age strong primary color screen, gradually become quiet and harmonious picture, only contains the wisdom and poetic, pleasing Marti Sri Lanka to obtain the "Colors and Lines game reputation, (L $ djτ.cōm)
1920s the Matisse to expand the areas of creativity, sculpture, prints, murals, illustrations attainments demonstrated the same extraordinary poetry. 1930s, his art reached its peak, peer push of this century's most prestigious art masters. (history www.TodayOnHistory.com)
man humble , refined Matisse life of great wealth and fame of the painting, no ambition, character painting, another giant of the same period Picasso very different. During World War II, (Today in History. cn) Both of them took part in the resistance movement against Germany and France, and joined the French Communist Party, to participate in the political progress of activities, Matisse art has not been any manifestation of painting as a weapon. (L $ djτ.cōm) he devout Greek philosopher Plato "the United States is to give people pleasure theory, the lifelong pursuit of personal and described in his autobiography:" I hope for the arts is a balance, pure and serene art, I avoid touching distressing or suffocation theme, works of art like the easy chair, the people's mood of tranquility and comfort. "
Matisse in his later years has been affected by the disease-ridden, but still insisted on the creation of paper-cut art or lying in bed or in a wheelchair, the concentrate from the pre-coated color paper to cut out a variety of image, the work is still full of bold, perfect and cheerful and optimistic spirit, easily reminiscent of Fauvism era form the love and dedication of the United States in 1907 Fauvism experienced a crisis, in the face of the partners abandoned Fauvism one purpose away, Matisse instead firm belief, and thereafter abide enduring artistic career of nearly half a century, become the only lifelong maintain Fauvist style.
1954, Matisse's death, at the age of 85 years old in many years living in Nice.
"Ms. Ma Disi like the woman before the 1905
"tapestry" 1927
"red studio 1911
the Matisse couple buried tomb < ; br>

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