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November 3.1980-South Korea's senior military courts adhere to the Kim Dae-jung to death the original verdict

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November 3, 1980 (September 26) Gengshen, South Korea's senior military courts uphold the original verdict of the Kim Dae-jung to death.

1980, South Korea's senior military court despite strong protests from North Korea and abroad, flagrantly rejected South Korea democrat Kim Dae-jung's complaint, ruling still the so-called "conspiracy of violence to overthrow the government charges, ( the? v in the history of the today?? com) to maintain the original verdict of the the primary military court to death of Kim Dae-jung.
According to reports, the South Korean military court also announced that Kim Dae-co-23 among the 16 people still sentenced to two to 20 years of imprisonment ranging from shortened sentence on the remaining seven.
reported that Kim Dae-jung in the complaint denied his allegations, and It is reasonable that the South Korean military court imposed on him by political persecution. According to reports, Kim Dae-jung and others have a week to decide whether to appeal to the South Korean Supreme Court.

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